GTA 5 Online:»NEW» How To Get a UFO Online! Flying UFO Online Glitch!

GTA 5 Online:

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GTA 5 Online:»NEW» How To Get a UFO Online! Flying UFO Online Glitch!: 32 комментария

  1. OH SHIT. Guys I think I solved the puzzle, at least here is my theory
    before you make arguments. In the first version of the game on PS3 and Xbox
    360 we had the UFO appearing after completion of game. In the second
    platform of the game PS4 and Xbox One we get to find drugs around the place
    and play as animals which could refer to the egg cracking open. So maybe in
    the third platform. PC, the Jetpack could appear somewhere. Who knows if
    Rockstar just planned all this out to wait for the moment of the release on
    PC. I might just be crazy what do you think?

    EDIT: Just noticed another thing. 5 boxes. 5 platforms. Coincidence?

  2. I don’t think that the mural is a map, I think it’s a timeline. You said
    that the three bottom pictures represent the characters, well it shows the
    paths they take, and the egg, aka Franklin, has to kill one of the other
    two characters, meaning the 2 x’s on there represent their death, whereas
    the glowing UFO, represents a perfect game, or the true ending, where both
    Trevor and Michael survive, telling you that was the right path all along.
    But this is just a theory, so don’t go ham.

  3. theres a song in the game called 9 is god. i dont have the conspiracy
    theorist thing that you guys have but i know there is a significance with
    that song to the cult group in the game. might that have something to do
    with it? 

  4. Hopefully the guys who done this video read this comment, I’ve still not
    got 100% so I can’t see if this works or not. I was at blaine county ( top
    left of the map ) there is a bank, if you look inside the bank and on the
    side of the building there is a large picture ( location in the map ) and
    it says «Nest your egg» meaning keep your egg safe. I think it means invest
    in the bank in the stock market. Blaine county bank not fleeca. 2 banks in
    top left of the map. And that dom guy you parachute with, after you land at
    sandy shores the cut seen dom says «if you want to parachute again i’ll be
    on top of maze bank with the higher beings. And that omega guy who gives
    you the space docker says he’ll be back and never returns. Those symbols
    don’t mean anything for each character. Remember when micheal got abducted
    and all those monkeys surrounded him as he got beamed up, maybe there is
    something somewhere to do with monkeys. Maybe the noose science building
    far right on the map above the car scrapyard. I used my cargobob and hooked
    my space docker up and went to the top of maze bank and got in the space
    docker started beeping and got a crazy sound, same sound in grove street.
    Another thing «Maze bank» you know that dave guy you work for? That
    building at the left of los santos, there is a maze around the back of the

  5. This is mind control stuff. They plant messages in games, TV, movies,
    commercials even billboards to trigger mind control slaves. A game where
    you realistically murder people is the perfect way to trigger mind
    controlled assassins and they also hope to illicit unstable people who play
    these games to commit murder. This is a “real” Satanic plot people! Unless
    you know their triggers you will not be able to figure out what these
    symbols mean. The Illuminati is real. Read Eustace Mullins book “The Curse
    of Canaan”, Mind Control is real. Read Cathy O’Brien’s Transformation of
    American and Access Denied” and the best book on Mind Control is Bryce
    Taylor’s “Tanks for the Memories”

    UFOs also figure in the Satanic conspiracy. Some are demons I now believe
    and some are Illuminati hoaxes for mind control as well as make people
    question traditional Christian religious ideology.

  6. another theory:

    the «leader» of the Epsilion group was probably a serial killer who used
    the group to procure new victims, because when he was adbucted by aliens a
    few years prior they probed his brain instead of his ass, resulting in a
    horrible lobotomy that made him crazy.

    The FIB investigated this and decided to perform a sting operation. That is
    why they created their own fake UFO to see of the «Epsilion Killer» would
    show up so they could arrest him.

    This was probably being developed a few of Rockstar Games’s staff until
    upper management told them to cut it because if it were allowed to remain
    in the game, The REAL Scientologists would sue Rockstar for slander and

  7. The phrase «come back when your story is complete» refers to the epsilon
    mission which Micheal does and when you complete all the missions there’s
    10 tracts that are found around the map and one of them is found there.

  8. No, the zancudo UFO is a top secret aircraft, if you look closely inside,
    you can see people, and hackers took the shape of the UFO and confirmed
    that people are inside.

  9. here is what i think the cracked egg is a cracked/solved Easter Egg. the
    line connecting the UFO and the jetpack mean that somehow the alien and
    the jetpack are connected. then they split off into there own conspiracy.
    hope i got something right. 

  10. Flip the mural & possibly invert it before overlaying it onto the map..
    Just a random theory, What if the JetPack or key too the mystery appears at
    each of these locations (X’s) but only at certain times like a random
    generator of some sort? …

  11. I would enter a name but i cant really be arsed so I might make a short name what do u guys think? говорит :

    I know where to find the jet pack!
    My friends brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s nan’s friend’s
    nephew’s step sister’s uncle works at R* told me how

  12. If you look under the platform where it says » come back when your story is
    complete » there is the eye looking thing in red. You can see it from the
    front near the stairs. 

  13. Maybe there are even more things to complete to truly get 100% completion.
    Including all the random events, and everything else in the game in
    addition to what is required to get 100%. Maybe that will unlock something.

    Does everyone have a list of things to complete in the game? Including
    secrets like childrenofthemountain and the murder mystery for michael?

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