GTA V: FLYING A UFO (Modded Cheat Code) [ISO Mods] +Download

GTA V: FLYING A UFO (Modded Cheat Code) [ISO Mods] +Download

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In this video I’ll be showing you the UFO located above Sandy Shores in GTA V. First you need to have 100% game completion in order to see the UFO. After you have that take a helicopter to…
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GTA V: FLYING A UFO (Modded Cheat Code) [ISO Mods] +Download: 28 комментариев

  1. -1 elevator=underground tunnels under base like Area 69? Maybe they planned
    underground tunnels? The base is there for no reason. It was planned.

  2. Alright here’s my two cents: I’m still trying to put it all together so
    obviously this isn’t a perfect theory or conclusion but I think that the
    FIB and Fort Zancudo military are the 2 major organizations that are
    related to the UFO phenomenon in the game.

    Here are some basics facts regarding the 4 known UFO’s in the game:

    1) 3 of the 4 UFO’s (Sandy Shores, Zancudo, and underwater) are touchable,
    ie: bullets can hit them (this does not do any damage or harm though) and
    you can physically land on them and touch them with your character.

    2) You need 100% game completion to see every UFO except the underwater one.

    3) The Zancudo and Sandy Shores UFO’s will emit strange noises when near
    them (in a chopper or plane) and will cause your vehicles’ electronics to
    go haywire and short out temporarily if you get too close.

    There are 2 known FIB UFO’s in GTA 5. The first is the one above Mount
    Chiliad that has a 1960’s look to it and glows with many colors but it is,
    as many GTA 5 gamers have called it, a «hologram». You cannot shoot it with
    bullets (they just go through it like they never hit it) or damage it in
    any way and if you get too close it disappears. The Second FIB UFO is the
    one located above the hippie camp in Sandy Shores. It is the same type and
    model of UFO as the Mount Chiliad UFO EXCEPT for the fact that it is not
    holographic. You can land on it and you can shoot it with bullets (although
    they don’t harm it whatsoever).

    We know both of these are FIB property because they are labeled with big
    «FIB» letters on the side of the craft.

    Now, there is a third UFO of a different make and model that hovers above
    Fort Zancudo. This UFO I believe was manufactured in the underground base
    below Fort Zancudo. For more information on this check out the Zancudo
    elevator easter egg where players have found an elevator with a «-1» sign
    above the elevator indicating that the elevator is below ground implying
    there is an underground base of unknown proportion beneath Zancudo. Back to
    the UFO above Zancudo and why I think it was human made, if you look very
    very closely at it, there are arrows on the UFO near different vents which
    I believe are indicating airflow (aliens from another world would not
    coincidentally use arrows to indicate something like air flow and I dont
    think they would use an arrow symbol at all) and also a spinning fan-like
    contraption circles the cockpit of the UFO leading me to believe this UFO,
    at least partially, uses air lift to fly. So, because there are human
    symbols on this UFO and because it uses airflow and air lift to fly, I
    believe it was manufactured by the Fort Zancudo Scientists (who probably
    reside in the underground base below Zancudo). I also suspect that perhaps
    the inhabitants of Zancudo have tried to personally engineer a UFO by their
    own human means without anti-gravity mechanisms hence the airflow vents and
    arrows and circular fan seen on this UFO. What I cannot be certain about is
    whether or not Zancudo has made any contact with actual aliens. It seems
    that they have not had any interaction with actual aliens and thus do not
    have a true alien UFO because A) it was not reverse engineered (if it was
    it would have made use of anti-gravity lift not air lift to stay in the
    air) B) it was not given to them by aliens for the same reasons (it would
    have made use of anti-gravity principles and propulsion, which is probably
    more efficient and faster, rather than air lift) and C) there was no way it
    was stolen from the aliens. Perhaps it could have been recovered from a
    crash but we have no evidence of a second crash (I’ll get to the first one
    later) and also as before, it would have made use of anti-gravity flight
    rather than air lift flight if it was indeed stolen. So to sum this
    paragraph up: Zancudo’s UFO was manufactured purely by humans in either an
    effort to compete with FIB UFO’s or to copy actual alien UFO’s they have
    witnessed or heard of without true alien technology.

    Now, there is the underwater UFO which has crashed into the sea near Paleto
    Bay. I believe this to be the only true alien UFO in the game. I also think
    that the UFO parts you can collect in the story mode are the parts that
    were torn off of this crashed UFO during its flight over San Andreas before
    it finally crashed into the sea. I think that this UFO relates to the FIB
    UFO’s because they look exactly the same and because the underwater UFO has
    plants growing on it indicating that it has been there for quite some time
    and thus the FIB have managed to reverse engineer the same copy of UFO and
    created their own.

    OR, the FIB are in direct communication with the actual aliens and have
    been given either the methods and blueprints to create the same UFO’s or
    have been given more UFO’s themselves by the aliens which is why the FIB
    labeled UFO’s look the same as the underwater UFO.

    Now, we know that the FIB owns at least one UFO that looks exactly the same
    as the crashed underwater UFO, and we can assume that the UFO that crashed
    into the sea was shedding parts off of it as it flew over San Andreas which
    is why I believe that either the FIB have reverse engineered the crashed
    UFO or they have been given UFO’s by the alien race who crashed the
    underwater UFO. And obviously the race of aliens that crashed the UFO had
    more than just one UFO which is why they could afford to give the FIB
    another UFO if they gave them UFO’s at all.

    Another idea is that Rockstar has not put as much complexity into the UFO
    easter eggs as I have just now which would explain why the Zancudo UFO is
    capable of disrupting the electronics of helicopters and planes around it
    even though it can’t use anti-gravity propulsion. I feel like anti-gravity
    propulsion and electronic disruption would be closely related…perhaps the
    Zancudo UFO does make use of anti-gravity propulsion and the fans and air
    vents and air lift are secondary or auxiliary flight enhancers that help
    the anti-gravity systems on the UFO.

    Or a third major option is that Rockstar has not put that kind of
    complexity of the three major UFO’s into the game and are actually just
    poking jabs at conspiracy theories relating to the «Illuminati» and the
    notion that the real life government has access to advanced craft like

    Who knows besides Rockstar though right? lol

    Can anyone expand on this or add in their own theories?

  3. Well this is….shocking.
    First at 1:37 you can see FIB on the UFO.
    I Mean seriously.
    Men in black anyone?
    I knows there is probably more to it but just wow.

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