GTA V: Fort Zancudo UFO Light Easter Egg

Hey guys! In this video I’ll be showing you the UFO Light Easter Egg that appears at Fort Zancudo. I believe you will need to have 100% game completion to se…
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GTA V: Fort Zancudo UFO Light Easter Egg: 50 комментариев

  1. All wrong here’s my theory:the egg is hidden somewhere in the map ok you
    have to obtain the egg which I think is a lost alien get the egg
    from somewhere and it will lead you to the jetpack. After obtaining both
    the egg and the jetpack you stand in the green light and fly strait up with
    the jetpack into the UFO. Once you give them the egg they happy you brought
    them their egg sooo as a reward they let you keep the jetpack. BOOM
    SHOCKALOCKA how’s that.!!???

  2. I’ve been 100% since November 2013, and I only now went to see the two
    (tangible) UFOs. And they my be UFOs, but ALIENS(extra terrestrials)…
    They are not, unfortunately. The UFO(over hippy camp), like the sunken
    one, says FIB on it; and the nasty looking(and sounding) one over Fort
    Zancudo may seem extra terrestrial, and I was convinced it was… until I
    saw the word ‘DANGER’ in bold red letters, thoughtfully warning me of a
    dangerous vent-looking thing on the top of the UFO. Unless these aliens are
    very health and safety conscious and thoughtful enough to write the warning
    in English, for the sake of any humans curiously strolling atop their
    craft, then I think it is an IAA. or FIB development.

  3. Try using a cargobob to carry the space docker over the bunker because over
    the lights on the car and the noises it make it might act like a UFO and
    the beam of light might pull the lift back up to the lift entrance and you
    can enter then go down a level you never know someone need to try 

  4. The lights linked to the jetpack trust me in gta sa this base shines and in
    gta sa there is a mission saying to take control of the tower then u get
    the jetpack watch whiz/gta videos

  5. you should fly up to the ufo above fort zancudo and see if thats whats
    beeming the light your game wont render it unless your close to it because
    its like cloaked or somthing

  6. I know this is quite stupid, but at mount chilliad isn’t the jetpack
    underneath mount chilliad? Not saying it is and i bet someone did a glitch
    to get under but it says it is. But I think it’s just a picture to show
    that the UFO is linked to it. I don’t know lol.

  7. i think there is the elivater ovs! and erm it takes u to the floor under -1
    hents the light above elivator anyway it elivates u below and the is net
    work of tunnles if we go back to the little red crosses on the map of mount
    chillied then i think they indicate dead ends soooooon yeah

  8. Maybe the satellite on the roof leads to some sort of communication to the
    ufo? Try putting some sticky bombs on it. It might trigger the
    communication trough the ufo. It MIGHT lead to something… I’ve never
    tried it I haven’t beat the game 100% yet. It’s just my theory. Anyone that
    has beat it 100% try it.

  9. Try to make a fire inside the bunker with a molotovcocktail or rpg, maby it
    will do something cuz there is a sign with; dont smoke. Never saw that sign
    before in gta so maby it will do something

    GamingLemon: If you look to the right, you will see some rocks.
    Me: dem some good rocks bro
    GamingLemon: If you look to the left, you will also see some rocks.
    Me: Thats awesome dude
    GamingLemon: And if you look down, you will see a sunken UFO.
    I begin to choke on Shepard’s pie and drop a fork full of it onto my plate.
    After seeing what I had done, I then laughed so hard that I cried, then I
    began to type this.

  11. You know you can get a submarine for free. Like in one of the missions, you
    use the cargobob to drop it into the water to steal a device beneath the
    surface. After the game is completed, it is stored somewhere near the sandy
    shores airstrip behind the petrol pumps. If you buy the cargobob, you can
    pick it up and drop it into the water, abandon the chopper and enter the
    submarine. (If left, it respawns back where you first took it).
    Merry christmas Mr . lemon!!!

  12. the part when Franklin sees the Mini-Sub on the road near his house, things
    got realy trippy and funny. i almost choke at that part, and then after
    that i could’n stop laughing.
    another fun part : 05:07 : hahaha

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