Hagmann & Hagmann — 27 Sept 2014 — Doc Marquis — Aliens, UFO’s, Illuminati & The Occult

Hagmann & Hagmann - 27 Sept 2014 - Doc Marquis - Aliens, UFO's, Illuminati & The Occult

Coast To Coast AM regular guest Doug Hagmann & son Joe provide viewers and listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend th…
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Hagmann & Hagmann — 27 Sept 2014 — Doc Marquis — Aliens, UFO’s, Illuminati & The Occult: 15 комментариев

  1. Disclosure of every lie we have been taught for centuries is coming our
    way, thank God. This program is equivalent of High School stuff. And just
    by reading the comments, let me tell you most are in the level of Kinder
    garden. Sooo… you need to go in the Internet and look up by yourselves,
    for all the documented info about this issue, that’s a lot of it out there.
    And much more because of the disclosure laws that opened » classified »
    files of the FBI, CIA and the Military. There are a lot of whistleblowers
    that had been freed of their imposed bow of silence under penalty of going
    to prison or even loosing their lives. That’s a lot going on out there…
    you just need to look and lift your level of knowledge about surprising
    things that happened after WWI in the USA and all the cover ups they
    manufacture to keep the people in the dark. There is a huge amount of
    information that can NOT be discussed in just 2 hours of the show, it is
    impossible, this is just the pick of the iceberg. Educate yourselves and
    remember: » TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE».

  2. Father and Son shoot the breeze. Disclaimer; Do not say I was never told,
    do say I believe I Know and I WILL DEMONSTRATE. Light brings the Love.
    Ignorance in all it’s manifestations leads only to death and division. Do
    you Love anyone??? Then Love EVERYONE! Smiling and Praying Hard. Praying
    for You my Cosmic Kin

  3. Doc Marquis is a complete «conspiratard» ….he just vomits out the same
    old rubbish we have heard a thousand times before.

    Novus ordo seclorum does not translate as «New World Order»

    …..it translates as New order of the ages.

    This guy is a bullshit artist!

  4. The guest is spot on. The great deception that Paul talked about will be
    the explaining away of the ‘gathering’ aka rapture by using a fake alien
    invasion. And the remaining frightened public will eat up that explanation.

    For those that don’t think that aliens are referenced in the Bible read
    Revelation 16:13 Why would John describe the evil spirits that he saw as
    looking like ‘frogs’? What do frogs resemble? Aliens.

    Wake up and accept Christ as your savior of you haven’t already. He is
    coming soon. Maranatha!

  5. You talk alot of things that you dont know. pre tribe,post trib
    ect= confusion= satan. you babble to much , talk less but have
    more concrete stuff to say!!

  6. Sorry Doc,but people around the world are seeing nephelim. »Are they
    all cou cou?You were raised in the illuminatti and their god is
    lucifer=satan=the father of lies !! So you know a lot, but you
    were raised by puppets that beleive every lies, so like you say !!
    scriptures, scriptures ,scriptures mmmmmmmmmm ? L:ike you refer the
    others who you talking about ? quayle , albarino ,stearman ,horn,wiles
    ? (by the way you have much to leard STILL « BRIEF you talk
    like you know everything ( BUT YOU DONT , I DONT SENCE
    HUMBLENESS OF YOUR PART BUT JUST << LOOK AT ME I VE FIGURED OUT EVERYTHING !! i think no i m sure, you still have lot to learn ! you or i will never know how get it?

  7. these aliens are nothing more than a body for the fallen or the giants who
    are demons,
    saying all this’ they have the knowledge of 10.ooo years and bulit cities
    GOD’ destoryed.

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