Hands Down The Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014!!! Watch Now!~

Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014 Watch Now!~ Massive Egyptian Monument On Planet Mars! NASA Evidence Proof 2014 Incredible Enhanced Footage Watch Now!…

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Hands Down The Best UFO Video Sightings of August 2014!!! Watch Now!~: 25 комментариев

  1. Please dont get duped into the New Age Movement. Satan and his hoard of
    scum are called liars and deceivers for a reason! 2 Corinthians 11:14 «No
    wonder, for satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.» I used to be a
    New Ager until God gave me the Truth after crying out with every fiber of
    my being. Please, please, please YouTube, «Age of Deceit». Propaganda isnt
    propaganda if its Truth meaning the video is Christian centric however all
    the evidence fits like a glove with scripture. The ‘Book of Enoch’ is also
    very clarifying. God Bless. 

  2. Ok so the black thing that looks like a Lionel train engine, WTF he only
    has 5 secs of footage? He run out of SD ram space on his IPhone? I want to
    hear the original audio not the goofy sinister 8 bit music.

  3. Government knows they’re real. The problem is this, the Government are ALSO
    real…..real assholes so no «,,,they don’t exsist.» You’ll have an easier
    time pulling a golf ball from a mouse’s ass hole than you will getting the
    truth from the government.

  4. This channel is the reason people laugh at the idea of UFOs. You put your
    own thoughts and opinions in the video along with unnecessary music.
    Thirdphaseofmoon is an embarrassment and a joke.

  5. me and my brother seen some thing like this in the western Utah desert but
    it wasn’t that big the one we seen was about as big as a bus it flew right
    in front of us like a glitch then a big wind storm hit us for about 30
    seconds it was a treat to see amazing at that.

  6. I watched a hologram in mid air that was amazing and I have no dought that
    most sitings are just that. But they also have manmade spacecrafts to hype
    the belief. The question I ask to UFO believers is if so many sightings are
    authentic then why is their existance still uncertain? Here’s the deal,
    there aren’t any «real» aliens but there are certainly manaliens and they
    love the mindjob their putting on us. Study transhumanism and connect the
    dots. Illusion is key to controlling sheeple just like TV and most medias.
    Its very affective if your a sucker.

  7. You dont summon UFO’s… you make contact with them. Download dr. Steven
    greer et contact tool and you could make extra terristeral contact at
    night. I do it at least once a week. Its incredible! Go out at night and
    look up dr greer et contact meditation and you will see them also! 

  8. Stop with the music! Please I want to hear the people speaking not what
    YOU think is cool music. It does not enhance the video it just makes you
    look unprofessional and immature. 

  9. I really hope the whole government/extra-terrestrial meetings blah blah
    blah is like the men in black movies, that would be cool but the government
    making deals with aliens for technology in exchange for humans is a naughty

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