Helicopter World Trade Center UFO Film Is this real?

Helicopter World Trade Center UFO Film Is this real?

Ufo flies very close to tourists at world trade center new york.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Helicopter World Trade Center UFO Film Is this real?: 27 комментариев

  1. Allot videos show ufos staying still then blasting off really fast,funny
    thing is a couple of years ago my brother saw what he said was a ufo and he
    said it just stood still for a while then took off.

  2. Click on 0:20 over and over.. it looks like the ‘ufo’ comes closer to the
    helicopter than the smoke/exhaust/vapor/ trail would have you believe.. You
    can also tell the color has been played with, b&w cameras wouldn’t pick up
    a hint of blue from the sky. Gets you thinking when you 1st see it though..

  3. «search online: ufo world trade center hoax. you can find thousand of

    All you’re saying is a lot of people disagree with me. That’s not an
    argument. Please speak to my point directly, from your own mind, if you
    can. Tell me where I’m wrong.

    I’ve read every post I can find on this topic for years. No one but me
    talks about how the woman changed her story. Because I was the one who
    discovered it.

  4. Nobody ever talks about the white streaks that Barbara is pointing at (you
    can see them above her head through the windshield) before she sees the UFO
    peek around the corner of tower 2 (she does not see it between the towers).
    It isn’t a fake.

  5. @MrLeandrob777 My gut tells me. And the motion is exactly the same and the
    appearance, of UFOs that I have observed myself, with my Mom in New York,
    and with my girlfriend here in Pennsylvania. Are we alone in the universe?
    I think not. Are there techniques that are clean and non-fuel-burning and
    non-polluting that can allow travel between star systems? I think so. But
    do not look to the government or the military for your answers. Look
    within. You already know the answers.

  6. She had an unobstructed view of its path and of the place where it stopped.
    She pointed it out quickly because it got there so quickly and she had been
    fully focused on it. After it started darting away from the tower, she
    didn’t start pointing or speaking any faster than it took to zoom from that
    far point to the helicopter.

  7. Funny how you don’t hear the sound of the ufo when it first moves from left
    to right…but then you hear it perfectly when it’s coming towards the
    helicopter…even right as it leaves (when it’s at the same distance as it
    was when going from left to right…lol..but I digress) The transformers
    movie is very well edited, and could be edited to the point of not being
    able to disprove it being fake if we didn’t all know that it was. You can’t
    believe everything you see.

  8. This was done for the SciFi Channel back in the late 90s early 2000….the
    clue is in the title. This is back when the SciFi Channel was actually
    good…Don’t know what this bullshit SYFY channel thinks it is. It’s not
    meant to be real, or fake…It’s an advert for a tv channel.

  9. The woman in the video is an actress…When this was going round the
    internet back in 2004-5 it was already established whom it was, fucked if I
    can remember now. Smoked a lot since. You probably only need to go back to
    the first few thousand comments to find out.

  10. Just because she’s an actress doesn’t mean she can’t witness something
    extraordinary. She herself called it «HISTORICAL DOCUMENT UFO» at her own
    website: tinyurl com/sicuranzahistoricaldocument Later, she changed her
    story. I think it was an exotic drone prepping for 9/11 as part of a high
    tech US military inside job disguised as a low tech foreign job, and that
    when the perps realized she had such incriminating video they pressured her
    to stop saying it really happened.

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