History Channel Ufo Hunters Last Episode

There maybe a final and last episode, help save the show by signing the petition at https://www.petitiononline.com/uf0hunt/petition.html Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Ophiuchus: Last Days…

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History Channel Ufo Hunters Last Episode: 16 комментариев

  1. Now go to historydotcom and put in a plea with the rest of the fans to get
    it put back on. Even the A.M. Coast to Coast series on radio said its the
    way to go. It does not mean some one is «wrong» because there is NO
    consperiacy behind their being pulled. Please no cursing people for posting
    what is in the interviews and UFO magazine as the truth. So
    Shadowworldsniper1 and friends grow up or better yet go to the forum at
    daily saucer and put forth your theories and see whom is right

  2. folks listen to the interview done by the series producers NOT random
    gossip by Shadowwolrdsniper and his cohorts. while they might have gotten
    too close to the truth the fact is the funding was running out fast with
    too few results. I miss them too but It DOES NOT warrant a cussing out by
    some one who is off his meds.

  3. 9838 signed so far. Hopefully they don’t cancel, I’d very much like them to
    go as far as they possibly can. Even to have the truth revealed in this
    lifetime. From what I’ve seen on the show so far, they’ve done an amazing

  4. americans like shit for tv like honey boo boo, and 16 and pregnant< kim hoe dashian or whatever, I love ufo hunters and I search for the truth but the stupid out # the people who want to know whats really going on so unfortunately I don't see this show comeing back I hope im rong but well see.

  5. The petition site, is temporarily down, its the entire site not just UFO
    Hunters… So keep supporting video and if haven’t read it get Ophiuchus:
    Last Days of 2012

  6. They’re being taken off the air because they were going to show footage
    involving actual photographic evidence of a cow fetus with a human face, so
    the corporation which owns the history channel and a&e, as well as abc
    flipped out and felt they had gone too far, and demanded the show be
    cancelled. True story. Also they were going WAY over budget. Read about it
    and hear the interview on UFOs dot net.

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