I KNOW WHAT I SAW: Last Living Witnesses of the Roswell UFO Crash — FEATURE FILM

Now presenting the most in-depth program ever produced on the single most significant alien UFO incident known to man. Based on the research of Kevin Randle …

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I KNOW WHAT I SAW: Last Living Witnesses of the Roswell UFO Crash — FEATURE FILM: 24 комментария

  1. Wow Earthlings are stupid. Those were Nagnatz that they found. They are
    not a particularly advance race but they do have the knowledge of the
    absolute voltex that allow them to create singularity and jump to
    superluminal speeds. Although those crafts are not very advance they dont
    need fuel but are able to create their own energy. I cannot imagine what
    those they were doing on this planet when there are so man far more
    beautiful and primitive planets else where.

  2. Just checking this video to see if any new information is there. They had
    Meta-Material which we are working on now and will have it in 20 years. The
    other one is the computer database…those data crystals or whatever you
    want to call them may take us about 50 years to develop it…then we can
    know where they came from….

  3. That’s correct goblin072, even if it is true, there’s nothing the average
    person could do about it. I have a feeling there will never ever be any
    disclosure anyway. Imagine what the government and military would have to
    own up to if it’s all true. Extra-terrestrials, the crashes, the reverse
    engineering, the encounters, the experimentation, mutilation of animals and
    humans, underground bases, trillions of dollars gone unchecked of tax
    payers money, lost lives, Area 51, …..ALL OF IT!! It will never come out
    from them. Something, somewhere, somehow and someone will have to
    completely bring it out in the open…and do it with absolute concrete

  4. What does it matter if we have been visited or not? What is the average
    person to do with this knowledge?
    Lets say the Government said yes its all true. Then what? We talk about
    it for a few days then get bored with it and on to the next news item.

    And a certain percentage of our population (probably 50 pecent) just can’t
    deal with this information. They just are not ready for it.

    All this is probably true and its expected. I mean they use to think our
    star was the only one with planets FF 30 years WRONG. Our own ego blocks
    us. Universe is teaming with life and we are not top dog. Deal with
    it. Most can’t.

  5. With the freedom to information act now in effect, has anything new came up
    re the roswell incident? of all the u.f.o stories around this is the only
    one I truly believe happened.

  6. Kenneth Arnold never described the objects he saw as being disks. The
    nearest thing he agreed to was the Horten flying wing which the American
    air force may have been testing at the time. He said the skipped like
    saucers, not that they looked like saucers.

  7. I love this subject! For years I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of
    Reading peoples body language and following the evidence. We’ve advanced to
    fast in the past 100 years on our own, we must have had help from someone.
    I believe a lot of these UFO’S are our own but not all of them. Hitler use
    to work with a doctor called the doctor of death who use to experiment on
    kids and make them look like alien looking people when he was
    finished!….. Just saying.

  8. The nurses testimony is in interesting because she states that she cannot
    remember what color the woman said the alien suits were. I think if anyone
    was lying about this, they would just state a color.

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