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AZTEC 1948 UFO CRASH: Secret Rescovery of Alien Technology - FEATURE FILM

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ILLUMINATI SECRETS — The New Atlantis — FEATURE FILM: 50 комментариев

  1. There’s a commercial on t.v lately that’s gotten me to thinking. It has a
    guy in a person-on-the-street format saying «Money is freedom.» There are
    other folks saying other things about finances, but this dude stands out
    to me. Money can provide a sense of freedom because you can buy all the
    things you want or need. But money is *not* freedom. Money is a *tool* to
    be used for good or ill. Money can bind you to a person or place that’s
    toxic to you. We’ve been taught for the past few genrations how to depend
    upon money for our physical needs. How many, myself included, could
    survive a week without money? Our food, housing, clothes, electricity
    are all gotten thru money. Ever watch the show «Live Free or Die»? I’ll
    give those folks credit, especially Gabe and Thorn, for pretty much
    weakening or breaking that tie. Is money part of a conspiracy? I don’t
    know. I’m just saying that it isn’t freedom, simply a tool.

  2. republic = individual rights over mob rule, government accountable to
    you…. democracy = privileges given by government, you accountable to
    government, mob rules, trumps your individual rights… which do you want?
    America is a republic.

  3. altho this video is slanted towards the «Christian» view…………the
    History of it does sounds pretty accurate … so watch and LEARN and FORM
    our OWN conclusion … from YOUR own religious spiritual or cultural POINT
    of VIEWS !!! AMEN and NAMASTE !!! 

  4. The Trinity, in ANY form is the anthropromorphism(making human like) of the
    physics law of three forces. To get an observable effect in the universe
    you need three forces, active, passive and a third (in the presence of)
    neutralizing force.
    EG.,DNA two strands with the ladder in between. See the works of Meher
    Babba or ouspensky for the Technology on this.This i s how ancient physics
    was passed on from the past because of suppression by psychotics. It
    eventually became misunderstood and became the trinty godheads found
    everywhere.This might have been done deliberately.The real message of
    Yeshua-Peace on Earth.
    Jesus had NO children,the «Divine Right of kings is bullshit bus sooooo

  5. How utterly dumb for intelligent men to seek knowledge from demonic realms.
    Did they really think those evil angels would tell them the truths which
    will benefit mankind ? :)) Why would they give men real truths -what’s
    in it for them ? No satisfaction at all .They have been lied to in a big
    way and these lies which they bought at a great price will be their
    undoing . 

  6. There are 8 cities named «Bacon» in the United States. They are located in
    Washington, Missouri, Idaho, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, and Virginia. Yes, those
    are only 7 states, but two towns are named «Bacon» in Missouri!

  7. i’ve managed to uncover the truth about our society. they control people
    thru music, fashion, popular artists and anything that influences you. sex,
    cable news, tv shows, etc….they use all these tactics to alter the way u
    think. to keep u busy with stupid things instead of the things that really
    matter. they created our huge debt to make sure u never break free from
    your slavery.

    believe it or not were dealing with Satan himself and his demons man. they
    have knowledge beyond your comprehension……they used to be angels. they
    know exactly how to sway your train of thought.

    u think ur in control but ure not. they control ur every action. to keep u
    plugged to the TV, gadgets, sex or swamped with bills so u never have time
    to question your society. we have been taken over by demons. they flaunt it
    in your face. the deception is so deep that they show u what they’re doing
    and u cant even put it together. they know exactly what to do at the right
    time and know exactly how to manipulate u.

    wake up and keep spreading the message i bring. it’s not only the Govt.
    they simply follow orders. Satan’s behind the big picture. he’s the one
    pulling the strings.

    wake up and join the good side win our freedom back and our humanity.
    together we can win. divided we fall.

    i have videos explaining how they infiltrated us. look for me on youtube

    may God help u find the truth. may he show u the way like he did with me.

  8. I’ve went to google and still cant find any mention of this being best
    documentary anywhere. Not that it totally matters but it kinda puts me off
    knowing they might be lying for views. Wondering if i should waste my time
    with this.

  9. How could u.s.a be the new Atlantis there leaders are uncivilized they’re
    going to fall and will go down in history along with Hitler remember how it
    all started with genocide

  10. When Jewish went to Egypt they learned a few things about government and
    running the accounts just like it says in the old testament and they used
    that knowledge throughout the history as they immigrated from place to
    place. And Egyptians weren’t some out out the wood civilization.

  11. It all makes sense now. In the beginning ChristiAns were escaping
    persecution and came to America. At the same time the Occult also came.
    Hence, the a New World Order was always the plan for the world. How truly

  12. America is attempting to spread a Zionist version of Democracy throughout
    the world down the barrel of a gun. It will create chaos out of order. The
    outlook for the non-ellite of mankind looks very bleak. Violence will occur
    and a good and healthy outcome cannot be assured for HUMANKIND as a whole.
    The younger generations will have to FIGHT for their freedoms as never
    before — or become eternal slaves. Agenda 21 is evil, created by the modern
    version of National Socialism and kept in place by the UN, Banksters, the
    mainstream Presstitute, and Financial Houses, along with the Multi-National
    Corporations, all manipulated by the Zionists who hide in every office of
    Government. BEWARE!

  13. The same «religious fascism» that caused so-called christians to burn down
    the great library at Alexandria Egypt a couple thousand years ago, is the
    same mind-set of an ignorant and uneducated peoples that cannot comprehend
    the hidden nature of Man, the creation of the World, and the spiritual
    aspects of our reality. They clump all of it under «the evil occult», and
    brand anyone connected to those teachings as demon-inspired. M P Hall was
    the last publicly known adept, whose knowledge was immense in the realm of

  14. America is going to HELL according to the Bible and GOD suggest that those
    who believe should leave. As I listen more the harlot could also be
    England because they are in control over America and Zionist is running the
    show. Look at other things the Europeans touch meaning countries, they had
    manage to turn to brainwash people ways of thinking and made them turn to
    more EVIL doing even to their own people. On 1:23:00 those people that
    are named like Madonna, and Brittany Spears are devil worshipers. 

  15. Why are the people writing these stupid posts so skeptical and so cynical
    about this phenomena? None of these people have done research on the
    subject to back up their opinions. The US government has lied about so many
    things, the Kennedy murder, 9/11, why is it so hard to believe they could
    lie about this? There are lots of reasons for keeping it a secret. People
    would panic. Alien spacecraft are invading our airspace but there is
    nothing we can do about it but we just think you´d like to know this. Also
    the longer you lie about something the harder it is to come out into the
    open and admit the lie. Stanton Friedman is the expert on this subject who
    HAS done his research and the fact is there IS a cover up and many people
    are now coming out of hiding and blowing the whistle. Do some research
    before you write stupid posts and make stupid statements about a subject
    you know little or nothing about.

  16. The future is now …….. LMAO !! Now is known as the present , tomorrow
    would be the future . The only way the future would be now is if you were
    stuck in the past , just to be clear that would be yesterday or before

  17. Surely if extra-terrestrials had the intellect to build inter-galactic
    crafts they would avoid any contact whatsoever with humanity — a brief
    trawl through any YouTube video comments section will support such a theory

  18. I heard a story about deadly radar when I was in the army. There was young
    lieutenant who was standing right in front of a high-powered radar set when
    they switched it on, although they shut it off almost immediately when they
    realized there was a guy standing in front of it.

    This lieutenant was just standing with both hands clutched on his
    binoculars, a big grin on his face. He stayed grinning just like that for
    the rest of his life, because his brain was completely fired.

    Well, that’s what can happen to you if you get too close to the radar.
    Would it do something similar to aliens? Who knows? 

  19. «They are also not telling you that dolphins are smarter than humans.»
    Speak for yourself fishhead!
    «how about proof that consciousness can influence matter»
    Vegas Road Trip!

  20. Those radar towers were built for the purpose of downing ufo’s according to
    William Cooper, an ex military whistle blower who was assassinated to shut
    him up. Maybe the military built in those specific places because they’re
    hot spots for ufo activity, maybe there’s a worm hole there. In any case,
    there were over a dozen downed ufo’s according to Cooper. All with
    casualties, some with survivors.

  21. If John Wheeler agrees its a conscious based universe, that’s a start. Then
    there is a good list of other scientist that can help you….Peter Russell,
    Amit Goswami, The Quantum Activist, Claude Swanson, and many others.
    Testable evidence, well, how about proof that consciousness can influence
    matter, thus uprooting the material paradigm. Princeton, Stanford and many
    others have empirical proof that makes even the most confident reductionist

  22. Uh yeah, our shuttles are not as sophisticated as interplanetary vehicles
    (19 min). Unbelievably lame moving of the goalposts for the most obvious
    question: if you’re coming to Earth from God knows where, why the hell are
    you flying around at idiotic speeds in the one vehicle that protects you?
    «Accidents happen,» what a deeply stupid remark.

  23. Yes I know all about the cat phenomena. My neighbor’s cat kept mysteriously
    appearing out of air and trying to scare me. Now, the cat is gone because I
    said. «You are going to get hit by a vehicle.» Watch Puddy Kat Express.

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