Incredible Spinning UFO Disc at the International Space Station!!!

A MUST WATCH!!! PLEASE SHARE!!! Help spread the TRUTH that we are NOT alone!!! You may have seen my video last year called «Ridged and Notched DISC Hovers Ne…
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Incredible Spinning UFO Disc at the International Space Station!!!: 25 комментариев

  1. I think they already said the disk on the helioviewer was part of the
    scientists calibration. That’s why it just turns on and then off and stays
    put. They also said that the disk you see next to the ISS is known debris
    from some launch and it didn’t dematerialize, it just dipped into a shadow
    behind the station and the lights. 

  2. FAKE — The Sun is shining brightly on one part (at right) of the space
    station, but even though the supposed UFO is in the very same area, it is
    absolutely NOT illuminated by the Sun. 

  3. There is no need to think analytically anymore. Just forget rationality,
    and dispense with discernment. Every lens flare, every speck of dust, every
    reflection is automatically a UFO! CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF AND SCREAM CONSPIRACY!
    Shit like this discredits the truth, and delays Disclosure indefinitely.

  4. If that ‘disc’ within the heliosphere of the sun was real, it would be
    three times the size of jupiter unless it was many thousands of kilometres
    closer to camera. The disc seen near the ISS would have to be much further
    away to appear nearly the same size. This makes me believe its probably an
    illusion caused in the lens somehow

  5. Excellent capture! This is the same craft I sighted in 2012 above Oregon, I
    pointed my laser at it and it flashed back, I was with several people who
    all noticed this. Really really great find. 

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