INCREDIBLE UFO **Circling Airport And Entering Ocean** (MUST WATCH)

Original Footage Jorge Martin Miranda…

Атака инопланетян смотреть всем! UFO.

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INCREDIBLE UFO **Circling Airport And Entering Ocean** (MUST WATCH): 38 комментариев

  1. I do consider myself to be an ‘amateur-professional’ in military type FLIR,
    thermal imaging, video surveillance and professional television
    broadcasting, and while I can NOT verify the integrity of the source or
    chain of custody, I have no qualms about saying this is one of the most
    astounding recordings I’ve ever seen of these types of UFO technology.
    I’ve seen quite a few video recordings and still pictures of these craft or
    whatever they are and have very strong feelings that We The People need to
    pursue these UFOs as best we are able to wherever they go to.
    I think the answers to a LOT of our questions about everything we wonder
    about, can be answered and resolved if we are ever able to communicate
    one-on-one, with the operators of these craft, or with these entities, as
    the case may be.
    I do feel there is a strong probability that our military HAS communicated
    with them, and that there is some kind of a ‘truce’ or some kind of an
    ‘arrangement’ or agreement between these beings and our
    military/government, though the chances of We The People EVER being privy
    to any of those communications is extremely slim.
    THANKS to the whistleblower that decided to share this with us. 

  2. Awesome footage, whoever shot this you did a great job, this is one of the
    best UFO view I have seen. It seems simple but it is not, these UFO
    visitors are not our friends all the deception reeks of evil.

  3. капец под конец там же пугалка выскачила мне сообщение пришло по
    одноклассниках,респект ему я б обосралась если пугалку увидела,боюсь их

  4. МУХАХАХА!!! ^^ Nice, nice, nice… А чего тут бояться? Тут нечего
    бояться!!! Если кто играл в кое-какие «крестики-нолики» на кое-каком сайте,
    в которые было любезно предложено сыграть вашими близкими или друзьями, то
    и это видео вас не заденет. 😀

  5. Вы хотите сказать, что существо которое выскочило на 0:39 — напало на Вас?
    И вообще НЛО скорее всего тоже подделка!

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