Incredible VIDEO Two Major UFO Sightings 4th Of July 2014! Special Report! Part 1

NEW! UFO Sightings Two Major UFO 4th Of July Sightings 2014! Part 1. Stay tuned and Subscribe to Thirdphaseofmoon For More Incredible Video Captured on the 4…

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Incredible VIDEO Two Major UFO Sightings 4th Of July 2014! Special Report! Part 1: 25 комментариев

  1. It’s ok for dumb-asses to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and
    teach these lies to their children, but things actually SHOWN always cast
    doubt to these mindless sheep. 

  2. It’s funny how «they» used to try not being seen by anyone and nowadays
    they see fireworks and have to fly over when they well now that people are
    going to be watching the sky. That tells you, or it tells me at least, that
    they are letting us see them on purpose. The Great deception is almost here
    folks. Get ready to see most people around been fooled to believed that
    they are «aliens» from other worlds. Something big will most likely happen
    first before they come out to «make first contact». They are nothing but
    demons, and their destruction is at hand. Don’t join them, we are a higher
    type of creation now. 

  3. lol arguing weather or not ufos are real or fake.. on a video of ufos…
    lol if you don’t believe in this conspiracy. why are you watching this
    video in the first place? 

  4. 7/4/2014 seen 5 with my whole family they followed a strait line the
    difference with my sighting is that as they came through a small cloud the
    fire orange color went out and in the moonlight we could see what they were
    each was a disc black as coal. they maintained speed until out of sight.
    the disk were about the size of a dime held out at arms length in the sky.
    so my question is why does the humidity of the cloud stop the orange light
    as if they were on fire? they weren’t meteorites or anything like that I
    know because they traveled a minute or so behind each other on the same
    path and once the light went out as they pasted through the small cloud in
    the moon light we could clearly see large disc. besides meteorites don’t
    follow the same path nor do they maintain distance and speed. there was no
    sound at all they didn’t have a tail or trail like meteorites and they were
    huge as I said the size of a dime at arms length. so I would guess maybe 50
    to 100 yards wide? im not an expert on things like that lol. they were
    traveling as fast as the passing planes or alittle faster no flashing
    lights at all and they did look as though they were on fire. it was
    something I am proud to have seen no matter what they were. the lights were
    nice but when the lights went out the disc was what really got me excited
    never seen anything like it before an may never see it again but atleast I
    got to see it once and not just one but 5. they were in the united states
    over northeast Georgia they came from south Carolina heading in the
    direction of Atlanta they traveled many miles before they got out of sight
    it was around 9:30 to10 at night. it was too awesome to miss. the disc I
    will never forget silent and large they were like holes in the sky against
    the silver color of the moonlight. thanks for the read and please tell me
    if you have ever seen anything like this. I have heard of the fireballs but
    never knew they would go out to reveal the disc I have never heard anyone
    say anything about it. so please leave a comment if you have seen it or
    anything close. I would love to know what they may be.

  5. I live in Edgewood Maryland, last week I was outside looking in the skies
    at around 11:30 pm counted 6 ufo they traveled the length of the sky from
    one side to the other in about 1 minute. They were vey very high up, they
    looked like stars moving. The light on them would fade out then fade back
    in and get really bright. A couple were constant bright white light. 2
    passed each other one going east one west they looked like they touched
    each other they were so close the lights looked like 1 for a split second.I
    came back out later in the next morning around 4 am and saw 2 more, same
    M.O. They are up there guys. I probably would have missed these ones if my
    5 yr old nephew had not seen them and asked» why is that star moving»

  6. Why is it that this guy sees a flying object and then starts trying to move
    around making the Camera shake instead of standinb very still and getting a
    better shot , annoying yet good catch.

  7. The first clip was very good; however they could be Chinese lanterns in the
    second capture! Since it’s 4th of July; it would make sense…and that they
    ALL seemed to move in the same direction, and very slowly.

  8. None on those were UFOs, the first one, was fireworks paper a amber on fire
    falling away. The second looked to be planes or something. I see those all
    the time I live outside of the top air force base in America and I think if
    any of these people seen a real UFO they wouldn’t know what to do with
    themselves. A triangle craft hovered over me and my home 30 feet above me
    they are bigger than two cars wide by three cars long, silent and fast but
    can slow down to a crawl. This thing came over the power line at tree
    level. They are very careful about where they go. They will make you dizzy
    and almost make you pass out from the forces pushing down on you. Stop
    being fooled by silly videos like this. The real thing turned my hair gray
    the next day and will kill your plants. They are real and out there.

  9. they were nation wide. several states besides I know for a fact they wern’t
    lanterns. it was massive across the whole US. just type in ufo july 4 2014
    or orange ufo july 4 2014 you will see it was across many states I have
    noticed more in cali than anywhere. but we seen them on the east coast and
    they range from Texas, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Denver, Oregon, Ohio,
    Seattle, etc. someone needs to get on this. would it not be the biggest ufo
    event in the us maybe even worldwide? im just asking it seems like a lot to
    me and not a word from anyone. we all know it will be censored soon.

  10. Ok, clearly in the first video that is nothing more than one of those
    lanterns you light and let them float up to catch a breeze. Damned fire
    hazard if you ask me. I’m not a debunker and I absolutely do believe in
    alien beings visiting this planet, but c’mon, you can’t call every lighted
    object in the sky a UFO, especially around the 4th of July when so many of
    those lantern objects are less loose in the skies … just sayin’

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