Independence Day UFO Crash Attempt & Flight School DLC — GTA 5 Jetpack / Chiliad Mystery

Independence Day UFO Crash Attempt & Flight School DLC - GTA 5 Jetpack / Chiliad Mystery

We try out the Independence Day Movie Theory on Independence Day! Do we find a breakthrough in the search for the jetpack? Please Like and Subscribe!
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Independence Day UFO Crash Attempt & Flight School DLC — GTA 5 Jetpack / Chiliad Mystery: 25 комментариев

  1. When I was in Poland, I was propably 10 at the time. I was with my mum
    walking near a child nursery… I looked up and a round object, it wasn’t
    that high in the air. I told my mum to look ( i knew about ufos at the time
    but not aliens) up in the sky but she didn’t because she was on the phone,
    so I just stared at it. It was in one place, then it just started flying
    away or it just slowed down alot and at that hight it looked like it wasnt
    moving. So then it speeded up, and then i just looked away. I can remember
    this now and i cant think why it was there. It was black colour if anyone
    wonders. Im trying to think if it was a military plane the newest one that
    looks like a bat and can turn invisible but i dont know.

    Last holiday (the 2 month one end of school year) I was fishing with my dad
    (my hobby lol) and then 2 military planes run just above our heads 😛 It
    was cool because i saw how they looked pretty good and they were lower.
    (This doesnt link to the paragraph above by the way) . So my dad did see it
    too but propably doesnt mean anything about any ufos. 

  2. 11:01 something that looks like a small alien flies out when you hit the
    ship, I’m not sure if it was just smoke but I think it looks like a
    steriotypical alien with a big head etc

  3. hey. i was watching other GTA5 videos when i came across one of this guy
    doing glitches to get in buildings. At about 10 minutes into the video he
    is in the humane labs. i noticed it was on Floor negative 1 (-1). Maybe
    this has something to do with the Elevator at the fort.

  4. Trippy try to do yoga on the mountain while the sun looks like its above
    the mountain because on the map on mt chilliad the eye is basicly the sun
    and the like connects to the egg which gets cracked because it looks
    cracked here me out as the eye (sun) is above mt chilliad, do yoga on horga

  5. Some guy on youtube made a vid and he showed a sort of tunnel in a mountain
    and its about the jetpack. He said he cant show it or the locaton untill
    the game comes out .The games out and he doent tell ):

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