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Inside Secret Government Warehouses — Alien UFO Documentaries: 50 комментариев

  1. There is no biological blood line from Jesus, stop with that bs. the olnly
    line is exists in our hearts, which has a spiritual nature, he was bought
    up in our realm from virgin by holly spirit, which makes him, clean of any
    sexual aspects, he might of called Magdsalina his wife , but on a spiritual
    level, get that to your head especially Christians.

  2. area 51, vatican secret archives… there are so many secrets that have
    occurred during the course of history that stayed unrevealed even to this
    day. all these secrets and cover ups intrigue me and peak my curiosity
    because we all want to know whether are we alone, is time travel or
    teleportation possible and other secrets but keeping all those things from
    people is wrong and i think those secrets wont be revealed during my life
    time which is unfortunate because there are so many things that are kept
    from us like, things related to aliens, religion, parts of history,
    technology ….

  3. All of them are totally fake. Despite all the supposed thousands of
    opportunities, the billion plus cameras on planet earth, the billions of
    people from whom you might expect at least one unequivocal siting, there is
    not one clear picture that proves their existence beyond doubt .. not one.
    Supposed UFO sightings are all conveniently at a distance, conveniently
    blurred, conveniently obscured, conveniently too fast moving. UFOs are like
    so many other manufactured stories published around the world. The whole
    UFO thing is a complete lie and frankly, really rather stupid.

  4. 10:38 Well I can sit here and say we need to know. But actually there is a
    part of me that says we don’t need to know. But when we don’t know is when
    we get into trouble. And that trouble always starts by lies told to the
    people who fund these activities in any land. Now what I mean is. Total
    rule of any land is what takes any gov’s respect away from it’s people. And
    it’s the gov’s officials who lie about what they are doing. And eventually
    get it’s people into war. But the secrecy is what produces more war,
    because every gov wants to take out the other. IT’S NEVER THE PEOPLE THAT
    WANT THIS. And when the people claim they do is when money becomes the
    overall issue they want to fight about. But freedom is always the equation
    that gets people into the war. Race is merely a card used to do it. And no
    race should be ruling over another. «This land was made for you and me»
    that saying should apply to any land. As people have always lived on every
    land they can.
    So now I ask you all. What are we building so much for, if we rarely get to
    enjoy any of it, due to the high prices that allow entry or visitation to
    the most extravagant things we create. If any gov gains this NWO.. just
    what do you think they will do with their power. Answer is: Look back in
    time and see what any gov has done with it’s authority to it’s people they
    deem less worthy of life.

  5. I’m pretty sure the «secret» bases are well hidden and will never be
    revealed. A-51 etc are probably decoys. Entertaining stuff but I wouldn’t
    read too much into this stuff.

  6. Die Sache mit Nordkore am Anfang ist dort leider Gang und Gebe. Seht euch
    dazu falls es euch interessiert den Film «Camp 14 Total Control Zone» oder
    lest das dazugehörige Buch «Flucht aus Lager 14».

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