Inside secret government warehouses, shocking revelations! UFO Documentary

Alien body parts… powerful religious artifacts… UFO wreckage… what exactly is hidden behind heavily guarded doors? Inspired by Syfy’s hit series Wareho…

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Inside secret government warehouses, shocking revelations! UFO Documentary: 24 комментария

  1. Our governments are given one mind to worship the beast Bible says.
    Evolution is pushed in science BY GOVERNMENT and distributed in schools.
    They’ve got caught in several hoaxes. What are they doing that WE DO NOT
    KNOW? THEY LIE. THE VATICAN IS SATANIC ALSO Rev.17 ?, but followers are
    deceived n seeking truth. I believe the pope THREW FALSE DOCUMENTS will
    cause man to worship the ANTICHRIST or something.

  2. Can someone tell me why all American programmes insist on editing the
    images every one or two seconds?

    Are attention spans in the dumbed-down USA so short now that they have to
    keep doing this to create the impression of ‘action’ and ‘content’?

    It really is shocking! Does any US output ever simply (i) keep the camera
    still, (ii) choose not to edit each scene every few seconds to cut to a
    different camera angle, and (iii) do without the energetic, ‘shocking’
    soundtrack, full of discordant sounds?

    They’re all like the most amateur, child-friendly, productions that anyone
    could dream up! Dear USofA: Your brainwashing now runs so deep that your
    expectations of quality are now so, so, so, low. It’s very sad what’s
    happened to you guys and gals over there.

    Oh well…Keep eating those pop-tarts guys & gals, keep eating those
    pop-tarts! :D

  3. People are stupid, they ask «why»? Why are governments all over the world
    covering up Aliens, and UFO’s? Simple they know it will end everything we
    think we know from religion to science and history. Religions are all
    false. Aliens have been coming to this planet for millions of years. Fact:
    the universe is BILLIONS of years old religions want you to think they are
    just a few thousand years old when clearly other advanced races started
    millions of years before we did 4.6 billion years ago, science wants us to
    think we formed «naturally» on this planet with NO outside help over a set
    period of time 8 millions to just under 120,000 thousand years ago, all
    false information. If they ever told the truth it would end everything over
    night. Caso in the streets would result, that is the reason. 1938 radio
    broadcast war of the worlds came out and many many people during that time
    ACTUALLY believed it was real panic in the streets resulted ( This
    showed the U.S. government what would happen if the Alien secret ever got
    out to the public. 

  4. the last person to gain access to area 51! was Eisenhower! when he wanted
    to know what the military’s budget was being used for. he was denied! so he
    called the CIA director and asked to gain access to area 51! and was
    denied! under a need to know basis. so he told the director i am sending 2
    couriers to area 51 in the morning if they are not given full access to the
    area and a satisfactory explanation what the budget is being used for the
    next day i am going to Colorado where the eighth army is stationed and the
    next day we will be in Nevada to take over the base. or so the story goes?
    his couriers were given full access and a tour of the facilities.
    Eisenhower was not only the Pres at the time but also a 4 star General!
    still commanding. that position has not existed since! 

  5. They are making technology that will be out in the future you fucking
    Its just like songs, games and films!
    The creators keep it a secret till they are ready to release it.
    Mum n dad prob kept lots ov secrets from you growing up cos yr betta of not
    knowing which is what they are doing.
    freaks amung us not alians, FREAKS!

  6. Why are they disclosing all this info on syfy? seems kind of fishy…whats
    their agenda here?! im sure they wont give the entire truth as usual. just
    like Ancient Aliens and America Unearthed.

  7. I remember when I was a little boy with my friends we used to fantasise
    about all of this stuff . We would go round pretending that secret service
    was after us and we were playing at investigating secrets by sneaking into
    places we were not supposed to go .
    Now we see this stuff Area 51 and base Hero ………these guys have just
    not grown up .

  8. We have about 10,000 humans on a colony on mars and 25,000 on the moon all
    off them are mining and collecting exotic ores,We can go to any planet in
    the solar system and we have gone beyond,The reason this is not made public
    is because everyone would want to ask so many questions like whats out
    there how did it get there how many why do we still use fossile fuels most
    of these questions simpley can not be answered and that would make the
    goverment look stupied.Oil is the heroin of the worlds goverments. If we
    knew the truth we simply would not believe it.

  9. Behold a documentary of the goddamn Vatican and the Roman Catholic church
    of the Illuminati fuck heads (the biggest Mafia on Earth)— ruled by
    Satan—(does not exist by the way). So don’t get me wrong I believe in God
    but not the scolding parent figure that has wrath of any type. We all go to
    Heaven. So where are the UFO facts in this program ? Fuck … this world is
    pissing me off. I’m outta here onto the real shit.

  10. Video lost all credibility as soon as i saw that asshole Lester Holt. NBC
    is owned and run by the same people that control government and world. Must
    have been a slow news week.

  11. Look, I know a documentary made for SiFi isn’t going to be a cinematic
    masterpiece or particularly groundbreaking, but it does kinda depress me
    that they dumb things down so much! «Do governments have secret facilities
    that hide sensitive information to deliberately keep secrets from the
    public?» Um, DUH? Is that even a question worth asking? I feel like this
    documentary could have been a lot more interesting (or actually
    informative) if SiFi trusted their audience has an IQ of more than 46.
    Also, how in the hell is it shocking that the American government conducted
    nonconsensual tests on the American public?! Is that a secret like at

  12. why do people want to ask the government for anything the government made
    classified? STUPID. I thought many said the government is not trust worthy,
    but yet still want the government to say so and so. STUPID..So if someone
    in government like CIA or FBI and or even the highest military guy says ‘we
    went to mars last year and there were monkeys there’, then is that means
    okay it must be true since they are from government? BS! It looks like
    someone wants the government to say yes then it’s the end of story. Better
    organize a lot of people like thousands of them and go down to Area 51 and
    march straight into the red zone all the way into that place like
    protesting the truth .

  13. Less than 30sec in you know this is garbage..
    Every ‘super secret’ revealed for everyone to know about!?.. no not really..
    Come on! Show us that stuff if you really got it.. I don’t think you have

  14. The audio of this video is really weird. All the music is on the left
    channel, and all the speech is on the right? Whats up with that? Other wise
    it’s a nicely themed docu, but not really that special, but I can highly
    suggest mixing the stereo channels to mono before watching…

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