Invasion? Over 20 UFOs Surround Belgrade Serbia Watch Now! UFO Sightings June 7 2014

Invasion? Over 20 UFOs Over Serbia Watch Now! UFO Sightings June 7 2014 Incredible Footage shot by Dusan Djukic In the Center of Belgrade Serbia as On Lookers are Baffled by This Mass Sighting!…

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Invasion? Over 20 UFOs Surround Belgrade Serbia Watch Now! UFO Sightings June 7 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. Right………because you know, they would travel a vast distance to start
    a war with a primitive species who fights amongst itself. If they were
    invading I wouldn’t be typing this and that guy wouldn’t have recorded it.

  2. Funny how the camera knows where it’s going and is able to follow, and also
    in front of the buildings, come on. Really? This one’s a dud. 

  3. Why are all the people strolling down the sidewalk in the opposite
    direction? I guess they’re not interested in the invasion. Thirdphase,
    please stop showing just any ole thang someone sends you. btw, I have no
    sound so if you explained that and I missed it, my apologies. 

  4. Invasion? More like, «And to your right you may see a human city, we tend
    to avoid these due to the high levels of retardation and criminality our
    sensors detect.»

  5. No doubt whatever they are they want to be seen and observed. If they
    wanted to remain hidden they surely wouldn’t have lit themselves up.

  6. Thank you, Suzana for this great video clip clearly showing something with
    calling UFOs. Actually, this is a great fleet of light scout ships of
    positive, higher dimensional light beings of Galactic Federation of Light
    and Ashtar command. Regarding that are they in formation of three, probably
    they belong to Ashtar command family. Both, Galactic Federation of Light
    and Ashtar command are formation of very positive Extraterrestrial, we
    called them our Starr Family, what they truly are, bringing, for this part
    of Universe,and Milky way Galaxy and our dear planet, Mother Earth, Love,
    Light and Peace. They have come, many years ago,helping us in finally
    victory of dark energy, overruled on this planet many eons of times, by
    negative extraterrestrials. belonging to Anchara alliances,reptilians race
    Anunnaki, Draconian race and zeta reticuli Grays, came from constellation
    Orion. Ancara alliances come to Earth to take over our world and enslaved
    Humanity, making alliances with chosen few number of Humankind, to put
    them in front of their ruling and controlling over humanity for many
    thousand of years. Now, their alliance in 13 Italian’s family .Among them
    are known, Rothschild family, controlling World banking system ,and
    Rockefeller family, leading world leadership, and all this family are
    owners of the biggest worlds companies and creation and organization of all
    war in many countries, included civil war in former Yugoslavia, war in
    Afghanistan, Iraqi, Congo and etc. These Evil part of Illuminati are in
    deep bloodshed, suffering, controlling food and health, polluting air,
    water, and soil, making poor to be poorer and other evil thinks, in the
    name of taking care of over 99 % of Humanity, because they can not stop
    rushed war and industrial machine for making money, anymore; Smell money is
    so attractive.
    On the other side, we have Galactic Federation of Light with members of
    over 200 000 different planetary systems with about 60 % human like bodies,
    but this does not you freak you out, because they are coming from higher
    dimensional realm, where is only present Universal love,light and peace;
    there is not place for any evil thing, there in higher dimension over 5 D.
    Ashtar command have over 20 millions of light members in his family, and
    watching over us and our dear planet Earth for many eons of time.Together
    with GFL, are present in our Sky, since 1987,/ time of harmonic
    convergence of our Universe /, helping in Ascension of our Mother Earth,our
    dear living being, and our humanity, to make historic quantum jump in
    Universe, together.
    Third, great part of the bringers of love, light and peace to our Earth and
    humanity are our inner Earth families, Agarthan families, remnant of great
    Lemurian civilization, and they will be in liaison team, to help us in
    transition period. Yes, our planet, like other planets, is hollow, with
    inner central sun, and populate with higher spiritual beings, from plants
    to humans.
    All these changes: in overtaken dark energies, transitional changes in
    giving totally freedom and prosperity funds, new technology, universal Love
    and knowledge and preparing our human kind to be Galactic Humans, and
    overseen by our Prime Creator /» Our God» or cosmic central sun, or Center
    of Source of All of this /, spiritual higher hierarchy, archangel Michael
    and other great Archangels, Angels and elements.
    Dark ones are defeated, dark energy eliminated from earth plane and astral
    plane, too, but smaller and larger structure of this pyramid of ruling over
    99 % of humankind, called minions, are still, stubbornly, trying to keep
    this enslaving 3 D world, making silly movies about Aliens, trying to
    attack and destroying our race or through silly comment on you tube or
    elsewhere, unaware that they belong large group of collective
    consciousness, remnant of collective mind control by negative alien agenda
    and negative Illuminati.
    Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar command are our Higher Spiritual
    Brothers and Sisters, helping us in Quantum Jump of reunion with them,
    higher spiritual hierarchy and Prime Creator, to be connected in real
    matrix of Universal Love, Light, joy and great knowledge of Universe.
    When you see them, just wave by hands and send them love of open heart,
    because the time of great reunion and celebration with our Starr and inner
    earth family are et hand.
    Love, light and peace. 

  7. are there ANY HUMANS left on planet earth? Because I know humans are not
    that or this fucking stupid»see stupid comments» And Im to the point that
    I could care less. Could you stop all the hate and torture and just get it
    over with already.. 

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