Last Days On Mars — Official UFO pictures taken by Curiosity !!! WATCH IT NOW !

Last Days On Mars - Official UFO pictures taken by Curiosity !!! WATCH IT NOW !

Exclusive strange and scary UFO pictures taken by rover Curiosity on Mars in November 2012 ! Edward Snwoden gave these pictures to Russia before the NASA del…
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May 2014 Breaking News UFO Fallen Angels New World Order - last days end times news update

May 2014 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels New World Order — last days end times news prophecy update To purchase DVD or g…

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Last Days On Mars — Official UFO pictures taken by Curiosity !!! WATCH IT NOW !: 34 комментария

  1. Snowden is really clueless; Russia, China and the US know about the aliens
    and have 1 station, together, on Mars. Russia is laughing at that poor man
    who thinks he is giving them top secret info they already have. 

  2. Oh Lord Narayana,when the blue throated 1 arrives,it will take all of the
    gods and your immeasurable power to contain his fury,protect this loka so
    that the path of dharma does not become unknown to man/om Namah Bhagavate
    Vasudevaya.They want the answers but dont know where to look.

  3. he did come many times, he deceaved many, and now many call him GOD, yet
    Exodus 20:3 «You shall have no other gods before me»
    Exodus 20:5 «Thou shalt not bow downe thy selfe to them…» yet all bow
    down to images, statues, the mark, even the mortal who came.

    i can prove that the «image» of jesus is non other then that of the falen
    one, let me know if you wan the factual prof

  4. There’s that phrase, The rule of law and it doesn’t mean the Constitution.
    What is the rule of law? Has anyone thought about this? He’s talking about
    the new world order and then he throws in the rule of law.

  5. Jesus is real and god is real and satan is real. The people of this world
    need to live for Jesus… Was him dying on the cross for you not

  6. jesus isn’t god get that through your narrow mind but Krishna is god!!
    Christianity lack spirituality. jesus is son of Krishna. you sound like the
    jews and roman when they reject jesus idea. It is time for new age and is
    about transcendence. prayer isn’t better than meditation infact it help you
    not to be negative or convert negative thinking into positive thinking
    because it harm us!!
    Christianity and Islam are copy of Hindu
    Praying is good emotionally and spiritually but not physically therefore
    meditation teach us and connect us with earth to get rid of physical pain
    which prayer cant do and that is why god created many religion so that we
    can learn from them!! Hinduism Is by far the oldest religion in the

  7. Its not beneficial to keep debating over pointless issues. Jesus stated
    that the end will come in our generation. Matthew 24;1-14 are the signs we
    should look out for. Most if not all church’s do not warn their flock of
    the end,people i speak with who attend church on a regular basis dont even
    know what armageddon is!!!!! Do you????

  8. So in other words, it is a Catholics interpretation of UFO’s. All I can say
    for sure is that religion has cost too many lives and caused too many

  9. 1:14:53 When I was 14 I swear to god that i was visited by a demon/ fallen
    angel, I was half way asleep and I was overcome with the feeling that I was
    being watched, I opened my eyes and next to my bed stood a figure with a
    black cloak and a face that was completely white, with black sunken eyes
    and a upturned slit for a mouth, ( I could see how one could confuse these
    demons as aliens). When I saw it, I became completely paralyzed and It felt
    like this thing was feeding off of my fear. It moved from the side of my
    bed up to the foot of my bed and when it moved it left tracers behind
    morphing as it moved. When it got to the foot of my bed it’s face started
    to morph out toward me almost like a snake & then the head would turn and
    another face would do the same thing, it had 4 faces, one on each side of
    it’s head ( as described in the bible, on the first page of Ezekiel. This
    was way before i had read about it though.) I saw it for 45 seconds, close
    to a minute & finally i managed to whisper out please jesus, take this away
    and it vanished. I didn’t sleep in my room for months. Read Ezekiel, what I
    saw was a fallen angel. I couldn’t make this shit up!!!

  10. Your lord and any other you name other then the true king of kings JESUS
    …..will kneel before the Lamb before eternal fire and brimstone …you

  11. People get confused on the holy trinity, here it is in short form, God was
    in heaven, he came in the earth as Jesus, then left in the Holy spirit
    form, thus the father son, an holy spirit….

  12. You can ramble on about conspiracy’s and most will still refuse to see
    between the lines, This world without a doubt is about to change and while
    it is uncertain what exactly will happen one thing is certain! all human
    kind has to change either way, we all need to lay down our differences that
    includes beliefs, patriotism and materialism to unit this world, only we
    can put a stop to famine, hatred and greed then and only then will mankind
    be in harmony with it’s self and this planet.
    Don’t let our governments divide us, we no longer need or want them,
    together we can change the world for the better of ALL mankind, where no
    one needs to suffer or go without the necessary things that humans are
    entitled to.
    If you really want the above then you are the perfect future.
    The wanting is the beginning! not the end.
    In the words of Anonymous: We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us.
    We are Legion, Together we are strong.

  13. If you are presenting David Wilcock as sharing the same ideology as Bush,
    Kissinger, and the New World Order bunch, you are sorely mistaken. He is
    talking about abilities that every human being is capable of if they aquire
    Christ conciousness. That may be something Christian leaders are opposed to
    because they are representing political ideology instead of Christs actual
    teachings. As a matter of fact, most Christians leaders today are
    anti-Christ in their teachings hence we have allot of warmongers in the
    Churchs. What would Jesus do. He would not suupport war. Ever.

  14. Islam wont that let happen. They are Day Dreaming : ) God=Allah(swt) has
    giving them time and they are Enjoying and thinking that They gone
    Successes. But obsessively not AND NEVER. Till The Islam is on the Face of
    this earth. Islam the religion of one Lord Allah(swt) will never leave or
    let these kinds of dirty Junkie drugers dumbers duffers lessors to take
    over the World. It is faaaaaaaar faaaaar faaar impossible to These kinds of
    Lessors. They Are just Dreaming from 10000years.

    I think USA is still Sleeping or OBAMA Dreaming. They are Still Not
    accepting That They USA is defeated by AFGHANISTAN already by the YEAR when

    USA must Accept that AFGHANISTAN is the Winner. They must Accept there
    Failure. The USA is No Longer the Powerful Country in the World O You
    Peoples.They Are just making there self and showing there self on MEDIA as

    USA is FALLEN from Power. USA is Now Powerless. Just a couple of Junkies
    which is rich they bought the media and making FAM of there self.

    «God=Allah(swt) will never let anyone on this face of the Earth To be
    salved or Salving. Till his religion Islam is on the face of this earth. If
    in case the Islam is ended then the world will be ended»

  15. Dear Pres. Obama shellfish is an abomination for two reasons one disease
    and second deadly chemicals a bottom feeder as told by our medical
    professionals. I am sorry that you are in the dark. you have a smirk on
    your face God will not be mocked.

  16. mostlty right. but missing important truths. missing roots of scriptures,
    literal roots and books missing certain true discernment. look at
    constatine and missing of giants roots etc,.. do more depth searches.
    because much is missing

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