Last night super moon with a UFO

Last night moon with a great catch you can clearly see something going across the surface of the moon and you can see the shadow on the left side as it curvs…
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Last night super moon with a UFO: 25 комментариев

  1. If this was on Saturday the 5th then i saw it too while looking through my
    telescope. Even through a 10 inch dob using a 4mm eyepiece it still looked
    like a small dot. Thanks for posting this. Whoever said this is fake is
    100% wrong. It could just be a satellite though.

  2. Gangstawhiteboy- if you have ever looked at the moon through a telescope
    you would know the moon is always moving cause of earths rotation,
    therefore there is countless times you have to adjust the telescope to
    center it on the moon. Thats why you see the telescope constantly move so
    they can re center it.

  3. I just wanted to note that what I saw was similar in size to the dot
    passing through 15 seconds into the video. It took maybe 5 seconds for it
    to pass along the moon.

  4. Well I can’t recall the time because I was also taking pictures of Saturn
    but I also have a another video from last night were they cross over and
    moves on the top of the moon my setup is a canon 7D with a Meade etc 90
    1250 mm

  5. It is probably a satellite. Notice that it is black. It is in the earth’s
    shadow, not over the moon’s surface. Otherwise it would be illuminated like
    the moon’s surface. And it would cast a shadow. If one were so inclined,
    the angular speed could be calculated and it would be easy to find out if
    it roughly matches the angular speed of a typical satellite.

  6. Were it across moon it would have been light not dark because of sun
    hitting the moon. therefore it was in shadow with moonlight lighting it
    from behind object. Most likely sattelite

  7. These are following ‘a’ curvarture, could be Earth’s, or the Moon’s, and
    that makes all the difference. If it’s the Earth’s, it is a satellite, if
    it’s the Moon’s than it could be Ufo. You can calculate that, if you have
    some more info.

  8. Yesterday I showed a this to an 62 year old engineer that used to work at
    Boeing and he said the same thing. Satellites do not zig zag like that. It
    is an Unidentified Flying Object.

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