Law and Disorder (SHORT FILM | COMEDY)

Once begun is half done in this mad little excursion in which a bankrobber catches the attention of a cop who refuses to rest until justice wreaks its fiery …
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Law and Disorder (SHORT FILM | COMEDY): 9 комментариев

  1. not a second wasted! extremely funny… especially the car blowing scene
    lol. but u mustve have completed it properly… otherwise, its goodwork…
    rock on… or rap on? lol

  2. Irfan, this vid is awesome. {btw this is ur sister’s friend who borrowed
    Sweeney Todd from you :)} It is really creative, and better than anything
    within my capablities. lol. Like i said, its really Awesome!

  3. glad to see this. like the visual effects and location is pretty cool too.
    went fine without dialogue since the music was well synched in. maybe you
    can help with Sterling Film Fest and producing some movies for it. Russ

  4. I think you might have been a bit too modest when you told me about this…
    made me laught way too much for what i was expecting! I love the way its
    edited too. the action here is just awesome! x

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