Let’s Play: UFO Extraterrestrials — 01 The Waiting Game

Let's Play: UFO Extraterrestrials - 01 The Waiting Game

Part 1: Extraterrestrials is a Microsoft Windows game aimed to be a spiritual sequel to the highly acclaimed UFO: Enemy Unknown. Developed by Chaos Concept, …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

I started to lose my normal mentality during this game, sorry. Hope you guys enjoy a long game cause this’ll take me 5 hours to upload. Playing League of Leg…

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Let’s Play: UFO Extraterrestrials — 01 The Waiting Game: 50 комментариев

  1. The game kind of throws you right in, no tutorial and not even a clue as to
    what you are supposed to do. Spiritual successors are one step away from
    reading a fan fiction.

  2. I think those two games are a different matter entirely, and therefore I
    completely agree with you. The Bureau should never have been an X-COM game,
    Enemy Unknown — Mediocre at best

  3. never played the game before so idk if the AI will let you, but maybe try
    waiting for the UFOs to get within interception range at the start. im
    assuming the AI is running from your interceptors and not just being
    annoying though.

  4. Yes, with just one base this is the only way to go. Aliens are no longer
    stupid, I’m afraid. I’d also advise you to get out of the damn cloud before
    trying to heal your men! 🙂

  5. if i remember correctly, considering this was at least a year maybe two
    ago, i had originally started out playing the vanilla version but got side
    tracked for a while till i spotted the gold edition on steam, so id say
    predominantly the gold edition version.

  6. I always thought the initial Gold missions weren’t too bad, you were
    however guaranteed to lose at least half of your troops in the first few
    turns. Ive been really really lucky with that first mission.

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    been or know somebody that has been raped its really nothing at all like
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