Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within — Part 22 [I/I] (UFO Crash Site)

Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within — Impossible, Ironman [I/I]. Watch this episode and more via the ‘Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within I/I’ playlist: https://goo.gl/uO…

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Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within — Part 22 [I/I] (UFO Crash Site): 48 комментариев

  1. Mimetic skin means that Zemalf has almost full control of the situation at
    all times!!!
    Zemalf, can you challenge yourself not to use mimetic skin soldiers???

  2. Kinda late on this since I just discovered your channel but a good nickname
    for the gene enhanced assault would be «Specter» since he can become

  3. I dunno about the rest but i dont really like the «native speech». i cant
    understand like the 90% of what they are saying and that is bothering me.
    Is that racist? No racism intented tho soz if i offended anyone. By the Way
    well played zemalf i watched all S2 of your Xcom and now watchin this
    series. Its fun and informative in way too many ways.

  4. ‘Nero’ shot twice early on due to ‘Rapid Reaction’ and two shots on
    overwatch. ‘zamochit1989’ — I think he has proven to all that he does not
    need to set himself any more of a challenging game than he already has. So
    long without Hvy Lasers, Laser Sniper Rifles and gangplank without armour
    was inspirational. I have probs on impossible simply due to NOT taking
    enough time for decisions. Ppl only have to click forward to avoid his long
    turns but they are very educational. Your an XCOM legend Zemalf! ps: as
    far as I can tell in EW, Aliens do not always need ‘activating’.

  5. inteed it is strange that thing with floaters but Zemalf maybe you are
    lucky and that was their last move while they were dashing,so they didn’t
    any moves left.. :)

  6. I’ve also noticed aliens I’m sure I haven’t activated showing up and
    instantly shooting quite often recently Zemalf. I don’t even have the Enemy
    Within expansion so it can’t just be from that. Strange.

  7. you keep forgetting you have ‘in the zone’ with Xeno. You could have shot
    2 of the one health crysalids with a pistol and still run off. But it
    couldn’t have gone better for you anyway.

  8. i think this game hates me i got the guys that steal your shit and cause
    lots of other problems like panic all over the fucking world after like
    fifth mission Zemalf still didn’t got those guys…i just don’t get it how
    this game works…and i’m on normal too he is on Impossible fair enough

  9. Zemalf you know what you should do?
    You know the 2 heavys that you use in the begining of the video, on the
    first mission?
    Well i think they are both mexicans, and they are both heavys, then you can
    do a heavy team on the front killing or in the back helping.
    One of them have the Nick of Nero then the other should be Bero.
    I think they will be very powerfull, try that Zemalf plz :D

  10. I think you should place the Assault to flank enemies, that will give aim
    bonus to his teammates and as long as he’s in full cover he won’t be

  11. i think sometimes you overthink too much, especially at the end of this
    mission… you could’ve just shredded both, captured one and shot the other
    one. no need for the 10mins of debatting with yourself. i really like your
    let’s play(because you think more then most other player) but sometimes
    it’s just too much for nothing

  12. Another nice perfect mission Zemalf. I would like you to answer a question
    i have (or if you dont, any one else´s answer would do). On the 4th video
    you let a small UFO get away and then you got a medium size UFO. Does that
    always happen ? Was it luck ? Only happens with the first contact ? I would
    love to have some intel on that.

  13. I KNOW WHAT I SAW 2014 is a new directors cut of a film that Steven
    Spielberg said is «COMPELLING» and Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 Astronaut said
    is «THE MOST COMPELLING FILM ON UFOs TO DATE.» James Fox the director also
    created the film «OUT OF THE BLUE.» As the President & CEO of UFOTV®, I can
    say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this film and its sister film «OUT OF
    THE BLUE» are two of the most important documentaries on the UFO / ET
    phenomenon today!

  14. I’ve been avoiding most videos on this subject, only because it’s become so
    confusion with all the different opinions and theories. But I am ready to
    watch this one and see what new things I can find.
    We are all wanting to know the Truth; and it is often obscured by ideals
    and human emotions.
    I’ve seen things that cannot be explained…..and open to whatever the
    universe wants to show me!
    Thanks for the video.

  15. Why would anyone ask the U.S.A.F. anything about UFOs? The USAF is
    notoriously one of the most untrustworthy sources of information concerning
    anything anywhere. People are so very beyond needing any explanation,
    people instead know what they saw and are now talking among themselves for
    the answers to the questions concerning UFOs. Most people are now even
    experimenting with how UFOs fly and what powers them trying to make one for
    themselves to experiment with in hopes to build one. Do UFOs exist?
    Everyone of course knows they do. The question now is how to call them down
    for communication and withold the event from the Government so that only
    the people really know whats happening. The Government couldnt even
    ballance a budget so why ask them? Lets move forward totally by=passing the
    government. Share NOTHING with the government or its departments, instead
    share with each other and keep the government in the dark and restrict all
    information about UFOs from law enforcement and the military and
    intelligence agencies. Do not call the fire department about crashed UFOs,
    instead call real UFO organizations who will study the technology and then
    when they are done they will call the government departments and give them
    the scraps and tell eath other that its really swamp gas.

  16. The one thing people want to over look and not say is the universe is
    billions of years old with 100,000 plus Galaxies and they want to discount
    LIFE on other planets, even if you believe in a God or Gods you can’t
    discount how large the known universe IS. Life on other planets is real.
    The earth is only 4.6 billion years old, that means if you follow the age
    of the universe at 13 billion you can see life formed way before we did on
    this little rock called Earth. Advanced Life is out their you can laugh
    about it now, but hey I laugh with people tell me we have this all powerful
    God watching our every move ready to kill us just for saying he she or it
    isn’t real either, or that they will return in some future time that is
    never clearly said. LOL.

    Why do governments hide this information? That UFO’s are out their, aliens
    are real, etc. Simple to prevent panic all religions on earth would be
    proven false, world order would end, and chaos would occur. Worldwide…
    simple anwser more people with an open mind to advanced life should realize
    this the scientist who say they are objective should come out and say as
    much as well. Science is about proof millions of hours of video are out
    their and photos most are fake, but some can’t not be over looked. Science
    has it’s proof. 

  17. LIVE FROM THE STATE ASYLUM. It’s always the same group of nuts you see in
    all of these videos that get together to justify their own nutty stories.
    Look at the faces in the audience, the only thing that changes are their
    ages. Screwballs, nit-wits, wing-nuts…these people keep the
    pharmaceutical companies in business.

  18. That «reporter» that implied that the USGov would inform us if UFOs existed
    because the terror alerts show «The Government doesn’t mind scaring us» is
    a complete
    disingenuous shit-head and should be banned from spreading further scumbag
    sophistry in public forums. As Gov. Symington pointed out, warning the
    about a containable threat is quite different than warning them about a
    force against
    which we are completely defenseless against should they wish to annihilate

  19. how about we work together and see what this this is why would anyone want
    to work with non science people hes trying to jump on the gravy train
    NEWSFLASH the gravy has gone cold you missed the boat spikey hair guy
    though your wife is totally hot.

  20. I KNOW WHAT I SAW — 2014

    «Compelling» — Steven Spielberg, «The Real Close Encounters — Larry Kind,
    CNN. «The most compelling film on the subject to date.» — Edgar Mitchell,
    Apollo 14 Astronaut. Government and Military Officials reveal the truth
    about UFOs. The most credible UFO witnesses from around the world tell
    stories that challenge reality in I KNOW WHAT I SAW, a documentary
    guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Director James Fox brings
    together the testimony of Air Force generals, astronauts, military and
    commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries; their
    accounts reveal the reasons those involved at the highest levels have
    chosen government secrecy over public disclosure in I KNOW WHAT I SAW.


  21. 1997 come on now it’s 2007 now your still hiding shit sick world
    governments, lol 2007 🙂 come on now 70% people are ready, the other 30%
    are given needles to block the other 70% :)

  22. Part of the evidence of their existence is the eye witnesses that speak out
    like the roswell crash. J. Allen Hynek upon his deathbed, professed the
    truth. Why would someone on their deathbed, lie about the lies he stated
    while with project Blue book and then say that they were real on his
    deathbed. If he was lying, what would be his gain. If he was lying, why
    would he want to break his silence unless he wanted his conscious clear
    before he met his maker. Why would he go against the govt that paid him
    to deny the truth. This is not a ufo landing and telling millions but is
    evidence. We put away killers with less evidence than what we espouse to
    ufo’s. If you were an EBE, would you land and confront a species that
    always seems intent on shooting you? Have some common sense to at least
    keep you mind open instead of saying they don’t exist because that is your

  23. Old crap.!! Stop it already Mr. CEO of this channel. I’ve enjoyed the
    videos you’ve placed in the past and even watched the commercials as I’m
    sure that’s how the bills are payed.


    Crap with a 2014 label and commercials all in your video’s are just flat
    out insulting to your followers.
    That is of course you real can give a crap about us.? 

  24. This video contains a bunch of outdated overused not interesting anymore
    known by everyone material, which by no means can be called Compelling
    anymore. Steven Spielberg did UFOTV a huge favour if he endorsed this.
    There is a vast amount of new material on the subject. Use it guys.

  25. Simply think. There are billions of galaxies across billions of light
    years.. Our universe is 13.7 billion earth years old.. If there were only
    one planet which harvest life, there would still be billions of
    civilizations across the known universe and at least a percentage of them
    are billions of years old with technological advancement beyond our
    imagination. Why wouldn’t they have the technology to warp time and travel
    throughout the know universe? Wouldn’t you if you have the technology? Get
    out of the restraints of your religion and use your mind.. Religions is the
    killer of peace and the blockage of advancement.. Just look at the Muslims
    as an example.. We are in the 21st century and those fuckers are still
    killing woman cause they’ve been raped by their uncle.. Primitive much?

  26. «It’s not gonna be, as I say disclosure with a big «D». It’s gonna be
    disclosure with a small «d». XD Glad I got that out of my system. Now it’s
    time to be more mature…

  27. If the past present and future exist at the same time and that’s what
    quantum theory says then maybe its us from the future going back in time.
    The UFOs are time machines of some sort.

  28. All civilized governments of the world know about ufos, they also know
    that there’s nothing they can do about them, and because they seem
    harmless the best thing to do is ignore them

  29. It appears to me, that the symbols the guy wrote down are not what the
    mathematician eluded to, but rather, the ancient Aramaic/ Hebrew letters
    Vav. Vav, Vav. They are also the number 666. Look at a can of Monster
    energy drink. Same symbols. The triangle with circles looks like a pyramid.
    Like the symbol of the demonic illuminati. Very creepy. The great deception
    is going to be the inter-dimensional demonic presence portraying themselves
    as inter planetary aliens, here to help. Many will be deceived, even the
    «elect». Just my opinion and observation. Peace. BTW… Great documentary!!

  30. one time at night I saw something flying what looked like pretty slow at
    approximately 30,000 feet and it had a few slowly blinking red lights, i
    couldn’t identify it though…

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