Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within — Part 43 [I/I] (UFO Landing Site)

Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within — Impossible, Ironman [I/I]. Watch this episode and more via the ‘Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within I/I’ playlist: https://goo.gl/uO…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within — Impossible, Ironman [I/I]. Watch this episode and more via the ‘Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within I/I’ playlist: https://goo.gl/uO…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Within — Part 43 [I/I] (UFO Landing Site): 45 комментариев

  1. Welcome back Big Z,
    I’ve finally caught up from the last 10 or so episodes.

    Quick question, is enemy within harder that enemy unknown? I’ve played both
    games now and am finding enemy within a lot more difficult with the
    doomtracker and all.

  2. What the hell ? Do you use cheats ? I am trying to play on Classic and
    started to watch your vids to get some ideas as I was getting trampled. I
    can have a 80% chance on all soldiers to hit a target and they all miss.
    By May I have to finish the Sling Shot missions and I can only seem to get
    4 sattalites up by May.

    Either the RNG hates me or you are using a mod from a game web site.

  3. One think makes me laugh your team leaves without even a scratch almost
    couldn’t go better and you are not happy that you missed one meld. 😀
    Zemalf I watch your first series when you were normal human and I watch you
    now when you are XCOM demigod, such a massive improvement in such a short
    period of time. What’s your secret? 

  4. I wonder if something special will happen if you take all the tree «Furies»
    with you at once… since they refer to greek mythology (their nicknames) I
    wonder if there’s something more with them…? Would be kinda cool 😀 

  5. If you haven’t researched Laser Weapons by the time you get your first
    EXALT mission (which you really should have), you can actually use the
    weapons you get from them. They’re slightly better than the standard XCOM

  6. Hey Zemalf, I really love watching this series. Would you be up for doing
    double episodes every once in a while? I mean as in doing two missions, not
    when you have an extra long mission that takes more than one episode.

  7. Great episode yet again Zemalf, although you may want to consider suiting
    Harry up in carapace armor for the next mission, you sent him in standard
    body armor again this time. :)

  8. Great video but some advice:use you don’t need to select the soldier then
    take away the items you can just clear them and use the make items
    available button.

  9. I love how Harry is taking the place of Android in the squad line up. Who
    would have guessed a support would have turned out to be Zemalf’s favourite
    character this series 😛 Not that I blame you!

  10. Another good play sir. Also, others have kindly suggested you forgot
    carapace for our favorite medic Harry, but I know the real answer is Harry
    wants to try out that new second heart. I know he is like a kid at
    Christmas with his new toy, but if you could remind him that during his
    recovery the rest of us mere mortals could be forced to go to work without
    our medic… Perhaps if he behaves and puts on his armor like a good boy
    Commander Zemalf can give him a new shiny Plasma Rifle to play with

  11. About respirator/nanofibre vest and the covert operative, didn’t someone on
    an earlier video comment that the extra HP doesn’t show up when you’re
    equipping the soldier, but it does by the time you’re actually on the
    mission? Might be worth trying out one of these items on the next covert
    op, just to see if that’s true.

  12. Just in case you didn’t know this, EXALT troops will soon start using laser
    weapons, so researching precision lasers is a cheap way to give your
    snipers good weapons (I believe it’s only 5 weapon fragments, not sure
    because you’re on Impossible, and you don’t need to build the weapons, you
    can just use it after looting it from their cold, dead corpses) :)

  13. Since you’re stating to train up some more rookies now, Zemalf, you should
    probably look up the way your soldiers are picked for the base defense
    mission. At least after you assault their base. No need to take all the
    spoilers, but if you end up with only unequipped soldiers on impossible
    ironman, this can very well end your game.

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