LIVE EARTHQUAKE FOOTAGE FOX 11NEWS 3/17/2014 UFO SIGHTING On Live TV. A sun shaped UFO disc in sight.then disappears!
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  1. Electrostatic discharge after earthquake, almost always happens. again
    something I was taught in high school and is common knowledge.
    Seems people are getting stupider every generation in the USA
    also doesn’t have the «I was watching faux news» going for him ether….

  2. My husband & I were watching FOX11 NEWOn 3/17/14 @6:30am & he noticed a
    flash of a light on the screen as the reporters kept talking about the 4.7
    North Hollywood ,Ca quake,that we just had moments prior, so we reminded it
    & @6:34am Fox11 LIVE NEWS was a UFO light flash of color of a sun shaped
    disc on the left of screen then disappears in a blink of an eye! Now what
    is it? Comments please!

  3. It would be interesting to know the exact position of the light: Is it up
    in the sky or over a hill? It would explain many things…

  4. 0.o wtf was that! yo there is some weird ass shit going on here i live on
    the east coast so im not very familiar with quakes ..except that
    introduction of one we had in central VA in 2012 i believe .. freaky shit
    that was .. BUT .. i find it very hard to believe that an earthquake can
    have anything to do with the sky but that shit sounds totally made up just
    like the made up shit of the chemtrail clouds now known as a «common» cloud
    formation .. ground shaking lights in the SKY!? are we on earth still? …

  5. HAARP Bluebeam preparing the minds of the masses for the arrival of the
    ‘old gods’ / aliens/ ascended masters/ FALLEN ANGELS

  6. There have been many historical reports of light sources being witnessed in
    the sky around the time an earthquake hits. It could very well be a natural
    phenomenon that may have been captured on film for the first time. Then
    again, there is also HAARP and other Government programs in the realm of
    unnatural phenomenon that could possibly explain this as well. A few
    possibilities, but «UFO» less likely.

  7. I heard an explosion that same time i was awake here in North Hollywood,
    Ca, to be honest I though it was a meteor or nuclear bomb that had crashed
    cause i heard the echo and explosion. I havnt been this scared cause my
    reaction to it was a bomb or meteor not even a quake by itself came in
    mind. Car alarms where going off and dogs barking. This was more than an
    earthquake. Strange to me that they changed the location of the epicenter
    of the quake back to Encino. Many friends told me they though it was an
    explosion too. Im baffled by this and have no idea what it could have

  8. Me an my wife took pics of a flashing ufo yesterday at arround 11:00am
    close to calpoly in pomona it was hiding behind a cloud !!!

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