— UFO NASA STS 63 Too Many UFOs Can’t Find MIR

Former member of NASA: «Everything NASA told you is a lie.»

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  1. @TUBEORATER at :33 doesnt he seem his friends are the UFO beings flying
    around. alot of astronauts say things like that to say somethings serious
    without causing the ground control to get pissed.i put up stuff on the
    tether incident, theres a ton of background communcation, even you can hear
    the ground control say»it could be a ufo» its at the top of my uploads.

  2. @bubblrap thanks there fluid out my ass ok through psychic vision they say
    your lawnmower is broke blue car in the driveway 2 dogs 76 yr old mom you
    fucked your cousin how much that shit i get right

  3. @ghostman3331 make up ur mind u tool… Is it a microscopic view of micro
    organisms, or is it a debunked video of debre with faked audio. Your
    probably another government stooge who’s job it is to call every thing

  4. @bubblrap fuck off wrench you have no fucking idea of the scope as in
    microscope of the situation if the fucking problem bit you in the ass and
    knawed on your stinky ballls you would scream as a but plugged monkey rape
    fuck you sissy you have no clue and dont deserve or warrent the need to
    know anything about anything you r out of the loop welcome to the matrix

  5. @ghostman3331 Firstly your grammar and spelling are just appalling. I can
    make more sense of my 8 year old daughters writing than yours. I know all I
    need, you are an insolent little peasant with a mouth dirtier than the
    lowest of crack wh*res. For your information my balls are quite squeaky
    clean, and fresh smelling other wise your mother would not continue to put
    them in her mouth.. Butt plugged monkey rape fake? hahahahahaha you have
    the intelligence of a rotten mango. There is no loop, idiot

  6. you guys r all idiots this is a fuckin nasa channel audio with a man this
    can be anything ok we can send men into space but we cant have high depth
    video magnified to the nth degree fuck this shit its bullshit also this may
    be a government release made to fool the public you can bet nasa has high
    depth color imagery of and video of surrounding earth space the moon mars
    and a couple of comets anyhoo dont believe this crap there is inside
    spaceship high depth alien interview to watch on

  7. @bubblrap the loop is in your head your stuck on stupid if you cant
    understand shit then that your problem if you wann bring up the kids in the
    conversation then tell me who the mexican daddy is and if hes been deported
    allready look here i dont need your shit crawl back in your stupid illusion
    where you think your it where nobody exist really but you and we r all here
    just to make your world work well u r wrong your here to make my world work
    and im maxing you out how does it feel to be my pawn

  8. please don’t be such a moron. the guys in the back are shouting in
    excitement things like there goes another one and I saw it too. listen 1:14
    like they would do that if it was normal? watch it a few times

  9. nice microscope veiw of microorganisms debunked as debre faked audio faked
    camera jockularity faked this is a classic fake for recognition and to say
    they have the evidence 99.9% youtube videos debunked so far.

  10. @ghostman3331 please your nothing but a chump.. go hide under ur little
    rock and shut up.. easy to talk it up when i am not there to quench your
    thirst with the water on fluid on my knee.. Fag

  11. @dutch8655 shuttup u Dooche.. your full of yourself atitude shows that you
    are no intellectual.. don’t try to act like one. You may be right, but why
    be a d!ck about it.

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