Lost Disney UFO Documentary Original Full Version — Alien Encounters

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary, Alien Encounters: In March of 1995, Walt Disney Television aired a most intriguing one-hour television special on UFOs titl…

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Lost Disney UFO Documentary Original Full Version — Alien Encounters: 25 комментариев

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  3. A lot of movies are «acknowledged by the respected website of the Internet
    Movie Database» and are not available for purchase. Doesn’t mean they’re
    being repressed. This is really no more than an ad for the «New

  4. I can not «believe» what i just saw — The Great (super wealthy) Mike Eisner
    saying that and joking about being surrounded by special forces with
    machine guns???? Sort of sends a message — like ‘This is what we dare say’
    even while it seems he was not allowed to say it!!!!
    «Mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in History — What is it
    like to be in contact with the most advanced being…???» Read my books at
    Kindle Store — it is WAR _ and We So wanted peace — also see the Prophetic
    Monty Python Sketch «Mr. Neutron» to get the USAF stance in the most
    hilarious way. «Misses SCUM»? Wow did they even get the names right back in
    the 1960’s!!

  5. If we Humans can upload to You Tube then ET should do it too , then we
    could establish full Contact for all to see . So, Why dont they ? Or is ET
    much more down to Earth than we’re being led to believe.

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  7. I don’t know about anybody else but if I was suspicious that I or any other
    member of my family especially children were being abducted at night from
    their beds, I would install a camera in the bedroom. It’s the 21st
    century, lots of cheap recording equipment available. It seems no one has
    done this and produced the evidence. I expect there will be a raft of lame
    excuses as to why this cannot be done. Lots of delusional people out
    there. The majority of these claims of abduction seem to be from the US.
    Hollywood feeds off it and then regurgitates it back to the gullible via
    movies. This is now a multi $$$billion$$$ business world wide. 

  8. Cute Video. Compared to what we are beginning to understand, today, it’s
    cute. Even though it’s less than 20 years old. How much more, will we know
    about this Phenomenon in another 20, odd, year? We can only, hazer to guess.

    «Tomorrow World,» eh? Another cute part of this film, and ridiculously,
    naive, as well. As we seem to be utterly, pathetic in predicting what will
    happen in the future, and what «Tomorrow» will really, be like.

    No one 50, odd, years ago, could have even, begun to predict the Computers
    and Cell/Smart Phones of today. Just one example of many. The closest I’m
    aware of, was the «Communicators» of Star Track fame.

    Their «Teleportation,» and «Warp Drive,» concepts, I’ve always, found
    fascinating, and continue to believe COULD, be within our grasp within less
    than another, 50 odd, years or so. Particularly IF, we already, have such
    technology secretly, being hidden away from us.

    Lastly; I’m not American myself, and sense that, the whole, ET Contact
    Scenario seems to be more Troublesome and Problematic, for Them, than Any
    Other Country or Culture in the World. Save, maybe, African and Middle
    Eastern, or some of the Countries in South America. But overall, I think,
    most of, the rest of, the World, is MORE, than Read For It.

    May be wrong, but that’s my sense, anyway.

    Much Love.
    Out For Now. 

  9. The Canadian Defense Minister has come forward and held International
    Meetings ‘Demanding America allow the world ACCESS TO THE FACTS IT HAS
    FORMS». That the world HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW!!! Yes, we do! If these life
    forms do not exist then ‘why is it a Federal Offense of $5000.00 and Prison
    Time to communicate with, hide, etc. any alien life form? It is in writing
    and Federal Law. How many people know this? Why do Airlines ‘Order their
    PILOTS to never say anything about seeing Space Ships? Those that do ‘lose
    their jobs’. And face ridicule! This is crazy. Astronaut Mitchell has come
    forward and told his story about what he has SEEN and what is on The MOON!
    This is why we haven’t gone back! We have been warned….? Oh yeah. 

  10. PS: Also, can we not tone down on the endless rude and sarcastic remarks we
    make toward one another here. Can’t read anything over this site without
    coming across a litany of insults and put downs. Seems almost, everybody is
    into it, and I’ve come across more, here.

    It’s sad, insulting all around, depressing, and most certainly, not needed.

    Try to get your point across without it. Sounds a lot better, and makes
    everyone sound more intelligent.

    Thank You.

    After all; it’s not much of an impression to be giving any ETs who just may
    happen to be checking in. Right?

    Out For Now.

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