Magnetgate UFO Coil Pulse Motor Free Energy!

This is the Magnetgate on steroids.I added the Peace Maker Flywheel and a two stroke pulse trigger. The result is a powerful Self Charger!
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Magnetgate UFO Coil Pulse Motor Free Energy!: 8 комментариев

  1. cool setup. if i was doing something like this i’d look up to muammer
    yildiz concept. the point is to create permanently unblanced magnetic
    fields, so you create outer ring of magnets all norths facing in and inner
    ring of magnets all norths facing out but slanted at the 45° in respect to
    the outer magnets, horisontaly. simple and great. you can use
    electromagnets instead of neodymium, it would be muuch cheaper. i’d like to
    see such design.

    also, if your interested in electrogravitiy, here’s how you could build a
    scaled down model of field propulsion craft. you make a cylidric vacuum
    capacitor (~30cm high) with + electrode (upper) wider than — (bottom) and
    you make two toroidal electromagnetic rings, upper slightly narrower, and
    you mount them on the capacitor (around center) that serves as the axis of
    rotation (bottom ring is connected to -). electromagnets are facing each
    other SNNS and few centimeters apart. you put them in counter-rotation
    (bottom ring rotates counter-clockwise) of at least 20,000 rpm (with
    mounted brushless motors) and induce high voltage high frequency (square
    wave) pulsed dc current into assymetric capacitor and the electromagnets
    (capacitor and electromagnets are 2 separated electrical circuits). two
    opposing magnetics fields will create a vortex of electrons and positrons
    and due to upper electromagnet being narrower it will create what john
    keely called ‘artificial neutral center of mass’ that a natural neutral
    center of mass shall follow resulting in motion of the system. playing with
    parameters should allow you to achieve levitation. it shouldn’t cost much
    assuming you already have tools and high voltage power supply. for more
    info contact me at zerocool1101[a]

    here’s the schematics for the model

  2. As far as I know all pulse motors have a sweet spot. Where the motor draws
    little power while producing the maximum BEMF. The sweet spot is not
    necessarily the maximum RPM of the motor. You may want to add some
    batteries to the charge side. Thats a lot of power (15+volts) to be pumping
    into a single 12 volt battery. Looking good! Thanks for posting! Peace!

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