Money Mafia And The UFO Cabal: Major Revelations! Defense Minister Paul Hellyer & Dark Journalist

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Money Mafia And The UFO Cabal: Major Revelations! Defense Minister Paul Hellyer & Dark Journalist: 25 комментариев

  1. Had to drag in the NAZI’s…. It is obvious to everyone (except dumb,
    brain-washed Muricuns) that the Jews won WWII and they control Muricuh now.

    Putin is the West’s only hope now

  2. **AWESOME** DJ this entire episode is a real triumph and I am amazed at the
    level of truth you get into with the Defense Minister, fantastic!!! I don’t
    know why I didn’t know about Hellyer before this he’s such a great person!
    This is one really serious conversation, I hope we can beat the Cabal. I
    really can’t thank you enough for this!!!!

  3. If the economy gets favorable to people, they start having more children.
    Maybe human education is better, and I think they are turning down the
    economy so the earth can have a break from being rampaged. I don’t think
    the economy should improve, as in the old days. Something new should be
    created. They should educate everyone in using less and having less

  4. Honourable Hellyer is a true hero of mine (and the world). May G-d help us
    all, eh………Thank-you for having him on — it gives me hope that enough
    people will become awake and aware in time to DO SOMETHING! These people
    are NOT forgetting (Glass-Stiegel, etc.) -it’s very planned, deliberate,
    and has been a long time coming. We must unite with intelligence, love, and
    help from within and above to outsmart them. We have
    begun…………………….thanks again!

  5. ‘Answers of an alien from Andromeda’
    Video 5
    Question — If any of our governments try to attack you, how do you think
    you/they might react?
    — No chance. If they tried to attack anyone, it will have no effect. Not
    even your primitive atomic weapons. But this will not happen. Your
    governments have been advised by Reptilians that are working with them in
    preparing for the changes. An elite of your governments made an agreement
    (which will not be long-lasting) with the Reptilians. This breed comes from
    the galaxy that you call NGC300 and also from a colony in the Milky Way.
    They intend to use the Earth together with humans. An elite group of humans
    would be responsible for mastering and maintaining full control over all
    citizen human remnants. But there is no room for the two civilizations on
    the planet. Vast majority of humans would have to be considered disposable
    and would be eliminated according to their plans. Your current governments
    have been preparing for this for 20 years. The Reptilians have already
    tried to implement it for nearly 70 years without success. You see, they
    are not bad, but they sometimes use unorthodox methods to get what they
    need. They are in trouble in some colonies that are allocated on depleted
    planets and have nowhere to be transferred. The Earth has an extremely nice
    ambience to them, and they will do everything to come here. They are using
    the greedy leaders of your own civilizations to solve the problem of excess
    humans on the planet. If you live in a just society, this would never


  6. Not to be a dick but you would probably get a lot more views if your intro
    wasn’t so self-important. I liked and enjoyed your insight and am thankful
    for this information but a rock intro before interviewing Paul Hellyer
    while wearing shades like a Reservoir Dog doesn’t scream respected

  7. Astounding video and really insightful! I was always hoping to hear a good
    interview with Hellyer and this episode goes a lot deeper than anything
    I’ve ever seen! excellent DJ 🙂 

  8. ‘Answers of an alien from Andromeda’
    Video 113 (excerpt)
    So I asked why the elites of my planet try to steal alien technology if
    they do not have the ability to copy it? to which he replied: «they do not
    seek advanced technologies, they seek for ancient technologies, which are
    liable to be better understood by your scientists, a ship like ours does
    not matter to them, but yes ships that fell 1000 years or more ago
    containing technologies more conventional, which would allow a
    re-engineering at some of the key functional or structural details». From
    this explanation it became much clearer in my head about the «great
    efforts» of the elites in wanting to get hold of these old ships and
    artifacts, ancient wreckages on the Moon, and even the Black Knight.

    Love to all brothers and sisters Terran and Interstellar,

  9. many of you people are as dumb as a block of wood to buy into this — The
    ELITE themselves are exposing the NWO. Its relevant to ask «why?» Judge
    Napolitano cavorts with Alex Jones discussing the NWO — Yet the judge is
    STILL a regular on Fox News. The MSM has promoted Alex Jones. Time Warner
    funded Jesse Ventura’s show. and so it goes. Do you think the MSM is
    stupid? Maybe its you that is stupid? just a thought.

  10. Thanks for the video Daniel and Mr. Hellyer! The salient remark in this
    interview is, «People gotta try!»; by any realistic measure it is very much
    too late! Canada has the marginal advantage of its massive land area with
    many places to hide! In the Amerika, it’s all over but the crying….and
    the dying! TNX Again!

  11. This same Federal Reserve established Israel on a stolen land of the
    Palestinians. They also make sure to decay permanently all the Arab
    Countries in deep poverty, ignorance and religious extremism so that the
    rulers of the arab world (under payroll) keep the show running and anyone
    not aligned will be eliminated. Also by creating and funding a permanent
    wars and terror they depopulate World Humans till the world Humans became
    not exceeding some figure so that they could control the world openly. They
    do control the world now covertly through UN. Their interfere in all social
    political matters in every nation only to serve their intended purpose,
    especially in last decades ignorant arab world. The solution is in the
    hands of people to boycott its government and request of welfare and rich

  12. Does it strike anyone as strange that with all of these advanced species
    from other worlds/dimensions running around that none of them appear to
    want to help earths people other than these devious cabal types? That’s the
    question I would like to ask Mr. Hellyer, as it seems this inter-alien
    agreement with the Cabal is neither intelligent or ethical, qualities we
    can assume advanced races have in order for them to have survived their own

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