Monsters of the UFO: Incident At Kelly — Alien Contact — FREE MOVIE

Monsters of the UFO:  Incident At Kelly - Alien Contact - FREE MOVIE

True story of a rural Kentucky farm family who engages in a gun battle with aliens in 1955.

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Monsters of the UFO: Incident At Kelly — Alien Contact — FREE MOVIE: 24 комментария

  1. This case has always fascinated me. The authorities later found over 200
    rounds of spent shell casings and shotgun slugs. Nobody goes through that
    amount of ammo without a reason.These were people who hunted and fished to
    put food on the table. These were simple people, and also people who would
    not have become alarmed at normal forrest wildlife. Whatever it was that
    prompted such extreme fear, they quickly resorted to firearms, proving that
    they were quite obviously in fear for their life.They had to be shooting at
    something, the only question is what. 

  2. Dunno why they kept shooting. Fuck. If they wanted you dead, they’d killed
    you all. Honestly, I know you’re scared but violence is usually met with
    more violence.

  3. I would tend to think these creatures were not organic and perhaps
    mechanical merely because they showed no sign of fear. They would get shot
    and go right back up to the house as if they were programmed to do just

  4. Do you have interrogations about the HAARP?
    The HAARP, or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is an
    ionospheric research program. Here is a video which examines this
    controversial military program based on Tesla technology, and its possible
    effects on weather and use in mind control. 

    I bet these isolated hicks were the ones getting tested on or harvested

  6. 12 people agreeing upon something is enough to put someone a way in a
    warehouse for the rest of their life, but not good enough when it comes to
    anything regarding UFOs, and anything that might suggest we mighty humans
    are not as advanced as we like to believe.

  7. Interesting. Not really the first encounter (others are recorded in misc.
    ancient legends, and later, in the 1930’s and 40’s.) Sure sounds like the
    Greys of the Domain — a very nasty bunch — except for the «pointed ears.»
    Dunno what that might signify. The area itself probably has a particular
    electromagnetic resonance that makes it attractive, for whatever reasons,
    to these buggers. If they show up en-masse by 2016, as some sources say
    they will, just remember: these guys are not our friends. Frag the little
    grey guys and take their ship. Resistance is not futile. (For recent
    testimony about the Domain, see: Conversations With Fraulein Maria, three
    short and cheap volumes on Amazon/Kindle Ebooks.)

  8. Actually the violence has been made by human beings, usual I would say!
    Ok, you are scared but if these creatures would have been hostile I am sure
    they would have been all killed, overall after shooting! Just my opinion!

  9. The people back then in the 50’s who lived in the country and were church
    going people were not usually prone to lying. Even if they did make it up
    they would have had to have pulled the hoax on the old lady who was the
    mother. I’m not saying that it really happened but it’s kind of hard to
    believe they would most likely lie. It could have been aliens, but as far
    as trolls or demons nah.

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