NASA Evidence of UFO’s and Alien Encounters │ History Documentary │

NASA’s Evidence of UFO’s and Alien Encounters Full Documentary NASA Evidence of UFO’s and Alien Encounters NASA’s evidence proves that UFO’s are real. This d…
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NASA Evidence of UFO’s and Alien Encounters │ History Documentary │: 25 комментариев

  1. Not aliens but demons. They have been with us for our entire history. If
    aliens were here they would contact us directly. They would make there
    intensions known weather this was good or bad. Since they would have
    travelled 1000s of light years, and if there intensions were bad, they
    would have 100 times our tech and would easily overpower us. Think
    reasonably about this. If WE had travelled 1000s of light years and found
    life on another planet, would we then make ourselves a shadowy mystery? NO.
    We would make contact directly and try to form an alliance and trade with
    the aliens who would be of a lesser advancement (or they would of found us
    first). The Demons try to trick us away from believing in God and so they
    try to deceive us into thinking aliens exist and that there is no God. They
    want to keep there own identity a secret while posing as aliens. Any
    reasonable and thinking man can see this is logical.

  2. The UFO crafts don’t travel, they teleport multiple times at small
    distances to give the illusion they are moving. its how they can look like
    they are moving so fast and changing direction without experiencing
    whiplash or g-force. They teleport using location variables, because an
    object is not in a location, the location is a variable of the object,

  3. *People are concerned about UFOs, without realizing their own lives before.
    They try to look for everything that would make their lives a little more
    interesting, when that magic of your childhood is still there, you just

    *If you want to wake up to reality that you saw last as a little child, and
    want to see the magic and wonder in life itself independent of what
    happens, go to **TruthContest•Com** and read what **»The Present»** says

  4. to many retard comments about we beeing alone in the universe and there
    have never been any visitation. do you trust retards , or du you trust
    actual important persons that tell you this without any agenda or money
    what so ever… the funny thing is , usually people who think ufo’s are
    bull , believe in ghosts and spirits and shit. they are the real fucking
    retards and they know it.

  5. We are the only HUMANS to ever exist. Our galaxy is within another galaxy
    which is again within another universe and so on, so obviously there are
    more than billions of other planets, with life that are both less advance,
    and more advanced than us. There IS other life out there, we just don’t
    have the proper technology to allow us to get that far in a short amount of
    time (and also all these skeptics do their whole «we’re the only ones blah
    blah blah). In our solar system we may be the only humanoids to exist, but
    there is new life-forms (bacteria) discovered on Mars.
    I honestly do not understand how a person can say that we are the only
    things to exist. «oh aliens don’t exist», if an non-earth being were to
    come here and see us, WE would be seen as aliens to them, our flying
    transports would be ufos to them.
    The proof is all over the place yet too many people are stupid enough to be
    convinced that there is no other life-forms. . 

  6. Is this the (pseudo)history channel again?

    Ten to twenty years ago people found people spotting UFO’s weird but some
    believed their «footage» was real.

    Today, when every idiot and his dog has a high definition movie camera
    built into their phones nobody believes this nonsense anymore. Billions of
    people watching the skies, hundreds of millions invested in space
    exploration and regular things going viral on the net, and yet nobody has
    ever presented anything but stupid paranoia and assertions.

    More than half these UFO nuts have serious mental issues and fight the
    boredom in their lives.

  7. I would love to hear how this fool thinks particles of ice blink on and off
    out of the atmosphere. I have seen many of these UFOs above my house.
    People like him are the reason we still use fossil fuels. Do any of you
    know that google use a sand tile a little bigger than your hand to power
    there massive buildings, do you know how many free fuel and free energy
    ideas and prototypes have been swashed or the people have been murdered by
    petroleum and energy companies. We are all being lied to on a Massive
    scale. Don`t believe me then look it up and prove me wrong I dare you. I
    know you wont as its all true

  8. No hard data n evidence.. only talk bla bla n blah..theory n wat so ever.
    Bullshit american propaganda. Hahaha keep dreaming ..alien exist..but human
    behaviors suck !! Eg: american

  9. aliens have been here for centuries who’s to say aliens are beings that
    walk around what if aliens are in microscopic scale and can easily flow
    like the wind right through our anatomy 

  10. The real question here is how can you trust footage taken in the late 60’s
    when I can take better footage with my phone now…? I love how humans love
    to create stuff, imagine stuff. Entertaining to say the least.

  11. This documentary seems to have been made by no one with credible
    credentials on the subject but more so to make $ or they’ve been paid by
    the government as a discrediting campaign!! 

  12. Aliens are angels and demons just like us, in a unlimited universe any
    thing is possible, teleportation, light speed travels, etc etc. eventually
    we’ll be more advanced and space travel will become normal they can
    and they will accomplish space travel it’s only a matter of figuring out
    how to arrange the particles and mankind already knows how to accelerate
    ions into each other im 23 years old I predict by the time im 53 that
    cities will be on the moon, satellites will be equipped with gigantic laser
    beams and there will be a massive space craft made by man that will travel
    to the nearest galaxy like ours, also our technology will attract other
    galactic beings some will come to help and some will come to conquer

  13. you would think these nasa guys would have a brain and know what they are
    seeing rather than just make excuses and talk bullshit to us. why cant they
    just say aliens and ufos. just because they are dumb fucks, dosent mean we
    are going to believe them.

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