NASA footage of UFO docked at International Space Station and Soyuz

UFO Sightings Strange UFOs Surround Space Shuttle Launch Watch Now! Special Report 2014 Bill Gorman During A Live Thirdphaseofmoon Radio Broadcast. Bill was …
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NASA footage of UFO docked at International Space Station and Soyuz: 50 комментариев

  1. It’s sad that people jump to «Photoshop» with each one of these images. I’m
    not saying that it’s not — it just shouldn’t be the «go-to» answer for all
    these pictures surfacing!

  2. I won’t debate what is or isn’t manmade or alien or photoshop, but I’ll
    gladly take on anyone who wants to call one image «footage.» One image
    under different lighting conditions is not footage. If there’s a 1:44 vid
    that claims to have «footage,» it dang well better have at least :40 of
    actual «footage» in it.

  3. There’s nothing there for anything to have docked to. it’s the interface
    between the Soyuz or Progress and the ISS. there is no side docking port
    that another spacecraft could have docked to.

  4. Proof of this or at least substantial, verifiable, and unbiased evidence
    needs to be given for claims like this. This is nothing more than a
    conspiracy theory and until such proof or evidence is provided, I am not
    going to believe it.

  5. The irony is that there’s so much of this fake bullshit floating around now
    that if a real alien ship actually did show up, no one would believe it no
    matter how many pictures and video there was.

  6. It looks like a safety balloon that they would release to catch solarwind
    for course corrections. Amazing how all of these new photos are becoming
    more prevalent,but still so little detail within the picture.

  7. It is true the UFO did dock with ISS that day. The captain of UFO had a
    bad run for eating too many Big Macs so he docked to purge himself off of
    earthly no goods. He had been advised by the priest of Scientology.
    And the yellow object? It is nothing but a great smelly ET fart. Grow the
    fuck up. 

  8. You CAN’T be serious… are you just entertaining each and every sighting
    and evidence fed to you? No screening at all? These could be more than
    likely film scratches, dust (or even lint) in the lens… the film used
    could even be old/expired.

  9. I love the optimistic speculation on the agenda of aliens.

    Why should we accept the optimistic view when most every other model we
    have access to on Earth shows higher level organisms relating to the lower
    level organisms in a usually domineering way, where the higher level
    organisms farm the lower ones?

    What makes us think it is not the aliens themselves who would rather you
    not care so much about their presence? Seems to me, the rarity in the
    actual observations of these beings would lead me to surmise they don’t
    care to let you know about them.

    We could actually serve a purpose on this planet. One which relates to
    these higher level beings farming humans to move stuff around on the planet
    and produce goods and services which can be siphoned off little by little
    from these higher level beings.

    Just a thought. I could be wrong.


  10. Did you fucking hear the interview they held the other day? The one guy
    was trying to state the best evidence, by talking about the abduction cases
    regarding hypnotic regressions, the best and perhaps most contraversial
    evidence we have, which is also the sadly most realistic data we also know
    of, and the positive new age thinkers, all ganged up on the fellow, for
    actually looking at the topic realistically. WTF, is wrong with people?

  11. Sorry Blake I gotta pass on this. I like your show, but lately some of the
    content is ….unacceptable to be quite honest. You can’t take EVERYTHING
    as evidence. No disrespect to the guy who took these pics, but seriously
    man, you have to develop some kind of standard. if its grainy, blurry, TOO
    CLEAR and up close it can be deem inconclusive. you gotta raise the bar

  12. John Glenn did not go to the moon, he was one of the Mercury 7 Astronauts
    and was not one of the Apollo Astronauts that went to the moon. He was the
    first American to orbit the Earth and the fifth person in space.

  13. Really? Pictures of fuzz or dirt or atmospheric distortion, summoning ufo’s
    through meditation, this is embarrassing! People, stop claiming everything
    in the sky is connected to aliens. I believe they exist but this Crap is
    childish already!

  14. I can’t understand why you use the music when nearly everyone has asked you
    to please turn it off in your videos! It is extremely difficult and/or
    annoying as hell to hear what is being said. Music is okay for intros, but
    take it out of the actual content .;

  15. i took a photo of a portal before I knew it would even show up as a
    portal. i just took a photo one day where I knew by WordOfKnowledge that
    there was a portal, and I took the photo and at the same minute, one came
    out as night-time and the second came out as day-time with VERY CLEAR
    portal! And I watched a ufo last night for a couple of hours and took a
    photo and it turned out in the shape of a heart! xxx

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