Nasa Mars: Life Evidences Found (Curiosity JPL- December 2012) Alien/ UFO.doc

Nasa Mars: Life Evidences Found (Curiosity JPL- December 2012) Alien/ UFO.doc

Nasa: Mars, December/ 26/ 2012 — Curiosity JPL — Life Search Mission — original video — Do not copy — All rights reserved — Nasa Alien/ UFO.doc — PASADENA, C…
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Nasa Mars: Life Evidences Found (Curiosity JPL- December 2012) Alien/ UFO.doc: 25 комментариев

  1. The reason I think its fake is NOT because I don’t want to believe that
    mars caouls have once supported life (or maybe even still does in some

    No — the reason I know this is fake is because the rover in the video
    looks nothing like the ‘Curiosity» rover.

  2. When you lie to yourself better not expect anyone to believe you do a
    specialist extraction of files from NASA’s not such a big specialist stop
    bamboozling people became very balamurnitsite the world. Whoever lies well
    inside, best as lying.

  3. PASADENA, Calif. — The NASA Mars rover Curiosity drove 63 feet (19 meters)
    northeastward early Monday, Dec. 26, approaching a step down into a
    slightly lower area called «Yellowknife Bay,» where researchers intend to
    choose a rock to drill. The drive was Curiosity’s fourth consecutive
    driving day since leaving a site near an outcrop called «Point Lake,» where
    it arrived last month. These drives totaled 260 feet (79 meters) and
    brought the mission’s total odometry to 0.37 mile (598 meters).

  4. so much fake going on, First Curiosity does not have a microphone on board
    the system. Second, none of its arms move that quickly and third, if this
    in fact was real, it would either be no where on the internet, or it would
    be on the news. Sorry

  5. «History is full of people who out fear,or ignorrance,or the lust for
    power,have destroyed treasures of umeasureable value.Wich truelly belong to
    all of us.We MUST not let it happen again»C S
    *GI3GYtFbTwA* Click,copy,paste inbetween *’s in your y/t search bar. wax

  6. Curiosity is the size of a small car,this looks like one of the early small
    PROOF………no? did’nt think so.Don’t put your word on something that is
    bullshit,just discredits your name.(No wonder you don’t use your real name!)

  7. In my opinion it’s maybe real. Look at the photos of Curiosity before
    start. Now look at the parts of the jeep in the video. Maybe organisms on
    the Mars are smalerr than the earth? Sorry for my English, but i’m polish

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