NASA Space UFO Encounters [UFO Documentary]

This UFO Documentary looks at NASA Space UFO Encounters and Aviation UFO encounters. Featuring black box UFO recordings and NASA out of space UFO footage. This UFO documentary …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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NASA Space UFO Encounters [UFO Documentary]: 24 комментария

  1. Hate the fact that you got that obnoxious red banner at the bottom..thats
    so annoying. Do you really have to have that??? Nobody likes it and
    everyone complains about it.

  2. If UFO’s actually exist and there are aliens out there who have mastered
    space travel, I don’t understand why governments would want to cover it up.
    It would not cause civil unrest. It would be an awesome thing to know that
    other intelligent life exists in the universe that has progressed so far.

    However, I doubt they exist simply because I find it unlikely that the
    entire WORLD would be able to keep a secret this big.

  3. I like how NORAD denies the cylindrical UFO was tracked but they have the
    tape of NORAD admitting to tracking it? Yet, nothing happened? They got
    caught red handed lying with their hand still in the cookie jar! YET

  4. the only thing that I know that gives off photons is electrons. They must
    therefore be powered by electro magnetic fields which cross over the fourth
    and fifth dementions.The Shrive.


  5. the earth is- and has been- visited by many different races of aliens. life
    outside of earth in the universe ? it is teaming with life. some
    benevolent- others quite hostile. earth seems to be prime real estate…and
    of course we humans are fucking it up more and more. and basically we are
    just renting.

  6. to Ryan G (who for some reason doesn’t allow replies) When you have objects
    that absolutely defy the laws of physics as we know them for propulsion,
    why question the effects of inertia? Perhaps these things don’t «fly» yet
    jump from one place in space/time reality to another at a frequency that
    is unfathomable to us «preschoolers» on this planet.

  7. I think if alien UFO’s are real, then they’re unmanned probes — why else
    would they fly around so erratically, changing directions like there about
    to hit a wall? And what about the whole intertia thing? Maybe thats why
    they drive so poorly, they’re just dizzy!?

  8. Worth watching, but all this information has been covered so many times, I
    keep looking for recent news worthy evidence !!! The problem is, the
    income from videos, as produced fakes.. These fakes are copied, recopied
    and shown so many times, that they become a web of deception. Also
    confusing split second clips, flashing across the screen, garbled in flight
    radio traffic, unreadable messages, running across, all a miss mash ,
    very very difficult to watch, you must do better !!

  9. I recently read a pile of stuff about JAL 1628 and it’s taken the case from
    solid to only kind of interesting, I hope it’s real but I’m sick and tired
    of always finding with a little work that these cases fall apart very
    easy… right now I’m just not convinced…yes I have seen every detail
    on the case that is publicly available.

  10. Earth is spaceship well sort of ,so we are moving through the universe we
    are bound to come into contact with different Alien spaceships ,I think
    they are travellers just curious about the earth and come down for a closer
    look .

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