NASA’s Alien Anomalies caught on film — A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA’s archives

NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives

This compilation includes many of my favorite NASA UFO encounters/sightings that I have archived over the years. All of these examples (with the exception of…
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NASA’s Alien Anomalies caught on film — A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA’s archives: 25 комментариев

  1. I’m 19 and I hope within these 80 years if i live that long we witness a
    new species coming to us or something amazing. I only hope.

  2. Those things in the shuttle re-entry, I think it was in the Apollo 13 book;
    they make mention of these «things» they see on or close to the atmosphere.
    They think they may be some species of animal way up there that we haven’t
    discovered yet? Someone please correct/ educate me for this, just really
    curious. I wouldn’t be super surprised if they were animals, I mean we have
    things living thousands of feet below the surface of the sea! (which is
    just awesome) 

  3. Religion, Science, etc…Humans have an explanation for everything huh?
    Narrow-Minded views are naive when dealing with this Phenomenon. When
    you’re dealing with the Unknown, you have to open your mind to EVERY
    possibility. Otherwise, One of these days you may be in for a VERY rude
    awakening. Please understand that The Absence of Evidence is not the
    Evidence of Absence. But then again, There’s been shit-tons of evidence
    throughout History. Most are just too caught up in their predecessor’s
    teachings to even research UFO’s because it’s too far outside the known.
    Bottom line is: People Only Believe What They Want To Believe. We are
    still such a primitive species.

  4. For those of you in my circles, who have already seen this, no bother. But
    to those of you who haven’t, please know where i am coming from, to be able
    to view this in an opinionated way. Sorry to those of you if i keep posting
    things, and it unsettles you. I’ll watch it many times with you, knowing
    i’m right for the words i’ve been speaking. My truth, my reality. Don’t
    live a dream when you can see it with your eyes. Reality.

  5. I belive those «UFOs» that have some line or circular forms are just Space
    junk from Satelites or other Missions, but however there are some pretty
    things that doent match whit anything i’ ve seen

  6. Some comment septic people make me laugh always look for rational
    explanation because they refuse to accept the truth that scares them even
    the testimony of pilots and astronauts refused believe you because you are
    so indoctrinated and manipulated from too long by the media, TV, religious
    belief and especially the movies that these things you see as fiction then
    that are actual things you are sheep.

  7. Does not matter whether its space junk of spaceships everything is an ufo
    until we formally identify it and I have always said that we would be very
    a very ignorant race of people if we believed that we were the only life
    forms in this vast universe.This universe was formed for a reason and it
    stands to reason that why should this planet deserve the tittle of being
    the only place that the building blocks of life (protein) have landed on
    when its was capable of travelling vast distances and we all know that
    there are billions of possible places for life to be.If we are out there
    looking for them then they must have had the same thoughts and we imagine
    that they will be way way more advanced than us and I have to question why
    and how as no one knows.According to all the crop circles they are similar
    to us in the way that we learn and look.I have studied these circles and
    its interesting 

  8. oh come on,human beings have never set foot on the moon,we would be long
    dead from over-exposure to lethal doses of radiation ,whist travelling
    through van allen belts

  9. Space Junk.!!! Strange that the Camera equipment they are using is of such
    poor quality that objects can not be Focused while my Mobile phone with out
    300 mm zoom lenses, can take better pictures here on Earth with all the Bad
    Sh!t hanging around.????????????????????????????

  10. They are not aliens. They are interdimensional beings from a parallel
    ,» spirit world». They are demons and evil spirits.Thats why they look see
    through or transparent and looking creacher like. Seemingly appearing and
    disappearing, going from one universe to another. They want you to think
    that they are aliens so that way you diss discredit God,» not believe «.
    The end is coming and we are going to start seeing more «Aliens» and »
    strange sounds from the sky.» Believe in Christ and that he died for our
    sins so that we may go to heaven with him. Believe in aliens and your soul
    is theres.

  11. well, 99% of that objects could be just some cosmic garbage. But yeah, we
    are almost blinded to whats happening around. It doesn’t seem to be
    fantastic that somewhere in a far far galaxy there is a lifeform that is
    more superior than us. Or at least some yet unseen cosmic microbes 

  12. What if humans on earth are just a experiment , created by a more advanced
    form of beings. only reason they pop up once in awhile is to check up on
    us. we could be lab rats to them.

  13. You included dramatic music in your video? I’ll have to immediately dislike
    and stop watching. If you can’t convince me with solid evidence without
    trying to play on emotions than I will not give you the time of day. You
    are nothing more than an attention seeker.

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