NASA’s Anomalies above the Moon — UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program

This presentation is a simple compilation of some more anomalous photographs and 16mm DAC film footage that I have archived during my years of research and i…
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NASA’s Anomalies above the Moon — UFOs captured on film during the Apollo Program: 25 комментариев

  1. This is a bit fun and I’m a believer and all that but I have one simple
    question. How have you succeeded where everybody and I do mean everybody
    else has failed. Your ability to zoom in to objects that don’t appear to
    be there at first glance with photo and video resolutions that really don’t
    enable such enhancement is just a little beyond belief. Good work though!

  2. there is a paradox about all this and its this, if in fact they are
    covering up information about the real nature of the moon, then all the
    Apollo crew would be in on it and if that were true then why do you have
    astronauts like Dr Edgar Mitchell saying they believe in the existence of

  3. Unfortunately, for videos like these, you should expect a lot of
    trolls/paid shills. The greater the footage/evidence & the greater number
    of people it reaches… the more the trolls/shills are going to come
    flooding in. They’ll do anything to discredit the video or distract the
    viewer. Even if it’s simply spewing hate & nonsense. BTW, GREAT video!
    There is something definitely strange going on with the moon…

  4. Great work again Cary! The only problem though I’ve found with relying on
    images from the NIR and LPI is I’ve seen quite a few that are clearly
    digitally scanned from negatives — some have small tears, bits of tape,
    dust particles etc that appear as anomolies (and is partly why some are
    edited out in LPI and not NIR). There is one good example of the same
    object (AS09-21-3212) being in /very/ slightly different locations in the
    LPI and NIR photos, namely as it is a fine bit of

  5. yo creo que son montajes de la nasa lamentablemente esa empresa se
    corrompio con la verdad y honestidad hacia la humanidad jamas han dicho la
    verdad pero tienen mucho dinero para corromper y mentir

  6. Depends, wouldn’t the objects in space with a flat surface shine light and
    appear as white specs, as much as satellite crossing our sky, at night, is
    just a white dot moving? And what proof? Proof of an Unidentified Flying
    Object or an Anomalie? I can say this video proves those are what the
    titles claims. Better than the usual “Extraterrestrial space craft” videos.

  7. I do not belong to the deceitful lying and manipulative human species. They
    make me sad about myself if I did belong to the scum of the earth.
    Unfortunatly I´m captured in their sytem and I rather be dead.

  8. @MaRTiiaNN We are , of a mathematical certainty , not alone . We send and
    receive radio messages from our spacecraft throughout the solar system and
    we receive radio signals from naturally occurring events such as black
    holes and disintegrating stars throughout the universe but despite our
    efforts we have never detected a signal from an intelligent source. The
    only sensible reason why not is that our world is under quarantine . This
    due to our involvement in the rebellion . Interested ?

  9. nasa’s method of collecting pictures is raw data image composed of pixel
    values and its hsl parameters. a typical single hi-res lunar image (of a
    lunar area .5km x .5km) would be of the order of 250mb or so. to crunch
    this high a number nasa employs supercomputers. the images are not edited
    in any manner, only touched up in its hsl and/or converted to internet
    uploadable image form. that job don’t need no photoshop!

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