Настоящие НЛО в космосе

Документальные, подлинные съемки с бортов космических кораблей NASA. https://fotoblur.ru Настоящие НЛО. Если приглядеться, то можно увидеть летающие тарелки, …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A MUST WATCH!!! The BEST UFO evidence! A small collection of NASA’s official footage and transmissions from the Space Shuttle STS Missions, taking place betw…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. это все подделка смотрите 1:15 минута, где аэронафт держит в руке предмет,
    вот вам ссылка на оригинал этого видео в фул HD
    youtube.com/watch?v=1UVA4NzP0P8 тот же момент на 16:30 минуте! Летающий
    объект можно влепить но нельзя вырезать с разноцветного видио!

  2. The part that sucks is that I was born during this period in human history.
    I will not live to see interstellar travel. Dammit! >:-(

  3. I’ma stop commenting after this… but… 8:52 … That awkward moment when
    you realize its showing the ground in black and white… with photo shopped

  4. You should try a few of these mushrooms if you think that’s impressive. I
    watched this random woman’s face melt and drip off onto the floor, then I
    went and threw up in her garden.

  5. In space the objects should be called UFT. Unidentified flying trash.
    People want to believe we are being visited from all sources of
    possibility. Other planets, other stars, other galaxies other universes or
    dimensions. At the same time we believe some one has traveled billions of
    miles to visit us our neighbors right next door won’t do it. It’s amazing
    people still believe in these miss sightings, blurry photos and down right

  6. K so if NASA recorded this how do we have the recordings? And how do we
    know its not another country or somethimg working on technology? I mean it
    could be aliens but i doubt they live right next door to us.. 

  7. Greetings,

    Please allow me to share a comment.

    Seeing all these videos and many others, searching about the UFO
    phenomena deeply and studying it with scientific eyes, I really don’t know
    how people couldn’t be convinced that there are much more than we probably
    know about this world and about our life in this world.

    If people are waiting for an official uncover about the phenomena, if they
    are waiting the so called «aliens» to just land and say «hi», then these
    people are just depending on external ways to achieve their answers, which
    will make them easily to be controlled.

    Sometimes we see people asking why the extraterrestrial forces don’t show
    themselves to the world, and then I reply; «Why would the extraterrestrials
    be interested in show themselves, if they are totally free to do whatever
    they want? They don’t need permission from anyone, much less give
    explanations about what they are doing, supposing they are here». Jus think
    about an UN convoy going deep into Africa to help people, and then some
    tribes watch the UN convoy. Do you think the commander of this convoy would
    stop to say: «Hello, aboriginal, we are passing through your land to do our
    business here»… guess not.

    People must take themselves off the center, they must be humble enough to
    understand Earth isn’t the center of the Universe, much less the most
    developed place in this Universe. People still think they posses this
    planet, that Earth is their planet, but looking to all the movement we have
    there in space and also in the sky, sounds like we are merely aboriginals
    seeing «airplanes» flying through every direction.

    I’m not here saying that aliens exist, since there is no need to prove it
    to anyone. I’m sharing with people, people mature enough, things for us to
    think about. Most people in this world can’t even handle a decent
    conversation without attacking others, they can’t even respect each
    other’s, much less people that they don’t know, so imagine races that they
    don’t know, beings and things that they don’t know.

    If people want to figure out about the extraterrestrials, they first of all
    must change their mind, expand their consciousness, their horizons. Then,
    the truth will be uncovered by their own understanding and effort, without
    anyone saying what they should do or not.

    Everything depend on us, on how much we want to be freed from our own
    illusions and limitations.

    Thank you for your attention reading my comment!

    I wish you a wonderful day!

  8. Man the debate if aliens is real is just bogus, people need to take there
    eyes of there fucking computer screen for a couple days go somewhere with
    no light polution with a nice paid of binoculars and stare at the sky. I

  9. whilst I believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life it’s pretty
    obvious at least some of this footage is water droplets condensing on the
    window behaving a little bit oddly due to microgravity, also cameras don’t
    cope well with the high energy particles hitting them that on the surface
    the earth’s magnetic field normally protects them from. 

  10. It’s impossible for Humans to be the only civilization in the whole
    universe. The universe is 15 trillion years only and our galaxy was formed
    5 trillion years ago. So what happened during that 10 trillion years? The
    universe is huge and there are bound to be other civilizations. To say
    Humans are the only civilization in the universe is a load of bullshit. 

  11. Great message at the end of the video, i saw a UFO once in broad day light
    so i believe their are things out there just we can’t really see it with
    the naked eye.

  12. the best video i’ve seen so far. have you any idea what might be the cause
    these images? natural or other wise? scary in one respect but fascinating
    in another. I’m not affair of what might be out there. I’m surprised that
    nasa released the video footage. people seem to be convinced that the US
    government are involved in a cover up!! personally I hope that they are,
    because one day the truth will be known.
    In the mean time……..back to work on monday.

  13. isnt it now obvious that there is intellegent beings in massive star ships
    around our planet?or is this our planet?did they sed life with is
    here?these beings act like there looking into a fishbowel checking on there
    pets.they are so far in technology that there craft and coming and going is
    like magic.they are our real gods people have worshipped for thousands of
    years,is this why every culture looked to the sky?this is just astounding
    they are around the earth in massive quantities.

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