National Geographic — Aliens Killing Humans [ UFO ] Full HD Documentary

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National Geographic — Aliens Killing Humans [ UFO ] Full HD Documentary: 25 комментариев

  1. Why don’t aliens «visit» folks with rifles like mine? I don’t go much for
    trophies, but an alien head in my man-cave would be *fucking awesome*!!!

    That brings up more questions: Is there a season on aliens? Where do I
    apply for a hunting permit? Is there a bag limit? Do I need a magazine
    block, or is a 30-round mag ok? (Then maybe I’ll get a few of the ones
    running away … *CHA-CHING* e-bay!) Are aliens good to eat? Do I
    field-dress an alien like a deer, or is there a better way? The questions
    just keep coming! *Please help!*

  2. WTF is it with US programmes and the shaky camera work, the continual
    editing every 1 or 2 seconds and having to have a soundtrack?

    Everything from the US appears to have been made for watching by children
    under the age of four!

    What a joke… I don’t think I’ve seen one professional, or amateur, USA
    production in the last 10yrs that is remotely watchable for a (non-USA
    raised) adult.

    «Kiddie TV»…all of it!

  3. One thing that is rarely mentioned in most of these documentaries is for
    those who suffered through these experiences, when the victim called upon
    the name of Jesus sincerely asking God for help, they were set free !

  4. *Reason is what we gained in our last step in evolution. It is what makes
    us mankind. We now have to use it to take the next step and become
    spiritual beings. Use it or lose it. → Start by reading ~~The Present~~ at

  5. Last night at 00;00 midnight i woke up and i saw the light came out from my
    husband’s bum, his ass hole was like a water melon, i tried to touch the
    light but when i came close to the centre of the light it disappeared and
    funny smell came out from the big hole , i fell down on the floor and woke
    up in the morning dizzy! any help?

  6. Aliens would never attack people. I agree they probably exist, somewhere.
    But the Universe has, in effect, infinite resources.

    There would be no need for any aliens to fight us or each other. Just fly
    away at the speed of light, and go somewhere else. There’s plenty of room,
    too much of it in fact.

    The only rare, valuable resource on Earth is *life itself*. They might
    want to study us, but kill us? No.

  7. * sigh * What an embarrassment to American television. The BBC makes far
    better documentaries — all of which are based on actual subjects and not
    fake shit. 

  8. Why the UFOs only in and around USA ? I don’t think they too can see the
    same frequency of light like us. Also it is doubt full , they can hear
    same frequency like us. Or the light frequency relayed by their body may be
    invisible to our eyes.. Or the light spectrum relayed by our body may be
    invisible to them. Why we reflect the visitors in the shape of human being
    ? They can exist in any other form. Also to travel the distance in light
    years , your body will have to convert itself to light , and then back to
    the original shape. It is difficult to digest this types of UFO visits.

  9. 7.12

    It says she’s 25 year old dentist! we have to be fking blind to believe
    that! So how can anyone believe the rest of the documentary??!! It’s not
    Nat geo for sure!

  10. I also doubt this Oxygen and Nitrogen environment is good for them . If at
    all they exists , they too must have evolved in a typical environment. My
    education as a Microbiologist and a Doctor makes it difficult for me to
    accept the theory.

  11. anyone looking for real ET videos and not bullshit, check out the phoenix
    lights, there are 4 separate videos of the same craft, and thousands of
    witnesses including the governor of arizona, and the same craft has flown
    over phoenix in 1999 and 2015!!! and no they don’t kill humans, if you want
    proof they are peaceful check out +SiriusDisclosure for detailed
    information on ET people

  12. I once knew a guy who was abducted by an alien. Luckily, the alien didn’t
    do anything bad to him; it just wanted somebody to talk to. Now the two of
    them regularly get together with Manbearpig and Nessie and go out drinking.

  13. Aside from the production value of this documentary, I’m wondering if this
    UFO thing might be some new US Military test experiment using a drone or
    such with lasers for enemy annihilation.

  14. Why did I know when I saw ‘National Geographic’ and ‘Aliens Killing Humans’
    as the title, that this was not indeed the title? ‘Brazil’s Roswell’,

  15. Religious people believe in a God watching them, well what if this or these
    God/Gods were in fact Aliens? Who visited Earth, have technology, could
    explain things to us which we ourselves could not explain. Maybe these old
    tribes or ancient civilization have been in contact with Aliens, and
    therefore knew thanks to the aliens how to build the pyramids, how to build
    them exactly 100% right. or How they could cut hard rocks with a cut so
    small you couldnt even put a knife between it. or this tribe in which the
    males look up in the sky the entire day waiting for their God. What if they
    bible was created by aliens, as somekind of a Book of Rules how to live our
    lives, not to MAKE us live our lives the way they want to, but more as a
    guideline. How come many ancient civilizations were so good in engineering,
    science and even space itself, they knew the starts and they knew the
    names, pyramids in egypt build in a straight line with stars, how did they
    do that? They must have got help. Maybe the reason why they came in ancient
    times was because it wasnt easy to document things back then, i mean they
    didnt have a camera to film the aliens you know, no they made wall drawings
    of grey aliens, you might think, well thats because hollywood made them
    that way, yeah only the wall drawings of a grey alien is 10.000 years old,
    no hollywood back then folks, so apparently someone who made that drwaing
    on the wall has seen what he has drawn. hollywood used the images of grey
    aliens from ancient drawing, hollywood didnt create these aliens
    themselves. or this painting which was painted between 13-17th century
    showing a man and a dog looking up in the sky looking at what seems to be a
    ufo, again, no hollywood back then folks, so how did they knew about it?

  16. I was visited by autobots. they exist!! The requested help with manners i
    could not understand but i was able to help them. they bid me farewell and

  17. this is not NatGeo…they’re too…idk i guess sciency and
    non-sensationalist to publish something like this…somebody else must have
    made this

  18. Getting to the bottom of the alien thing is near impossible. For one thing
    there is tons of deliberate disinformation but there appears to be truth
    behind it all. Some claim spiritual experiences others claim horror
    experiences. Maybe aliens are like people, some are good some are evil.
    Many of the Greys appear to be parasitic and feeding on people and animals.
    Same with the cattle mutilations. I suppose aliens need to eat like any
    other creature but there are humane and inhumane ways of doing it.

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