What is the Mars Illuminati connection? Is there life on Mars? Why are there statues on Mars? Do animals live on Mars? These and many other questions will be…
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Эти мистические кадры повергли весь интернет в ШОК!!! НЛО UFO

Видео забавного говорящего умилительного котёнка. Очень смешной и прикольный котик , кот. Для создания этого мультика была использована программа Ginger , то…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. I for one do feel that there was life of some kind at some point, what I
    cant get my head round is this, how and where do you and others get the
    perspective from to say, this is or was a structure or building and this is
    a snail…or the like, from some of the surrounding rocks that look small
    you say here is a structure, but with no perspective its impossible to say
    this is a structure as there is just no idea of the actual size we are
    looking at ? can you explain and where your perspective comes from.

  2. doesnt anyone see what i see at time…3m:11sec? its a humanoid type alien.
    the dirt filled its its bones, and you can see that it has a head to the
    right and what also seems like two hands. it looks like there were a few
    deaths in that spot. there are other bodies around it too.

  3. if you saw the Giants Causeway (Ireland) on Mars people would definitely
    state it was artificial, it isn’t…. however, definitely think something
    was up there a long time ago but dead now.. shame NASA treats us like
    idiots… nice vid tho :)

  4. … They all look like rocks and stones to me…. Except the «mars eagle»
    and the «marble base»… Just because its on mars and it looks suspicious
    doesn’t mean its immediately a space craft or a ship… Or even a
    «relic»… It could just be a firggin rock. We have all kinds of rock
    formations on earth that don’t look natural but are…

  5. Why does the Image appear to be a few feet of the ground… These Aliens
    you think.. would have to be the size of mice…. sort of dumb in a
    sense.. what’s there to hide.. That we aren’t the center of the

  6. ето в китаие призашло и етого человека спросили что ты видел и он
    ответил*я видел ангела* не вногие ему поверили ну вот доказатилства что
    ангел храниет сушествйт он спасает тольк 1 раз и даёт урок

  7. иххиихих да тот человек кто ему помог крут тот человек кто ему помог ну что
    хвалю хвалю молодец люблю добрых существ жилаю тебе хороший жизни и таму
    человеку каторый спасли жизнь ;-)

  8. Во первых это монтаж а во вторых по сути сейчас всем на всех по хуй, люди,
    друг к другу сейчас безразличны из за меня:p а в третьих на хуй кому то
    сейчас спасать если все в полной жопе!

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