i always wondered how the things that showed up in the well known (tether incident) got here so quickly after the tether broke.i think this is the answer,i t…

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  1. «i always wondered how the things that showed up in the well known (tether
    incident) got here so quickly after the tether broke.»

    So quickly? Don’t you know the ‘swarm’ video from STS-75 was taken FOUR
    DAYS after the tether broke? Seem like you’re mind is getting filled with
    misinformation from the UFOria people.

    Do they even tell you if the scene is daytime or nighttime? What do you

  2. Your a fuckin braindead moron, get some help you sick fuck, an asylum would
    be suitable, you are insane fool,lol Those dots that come and go are not
    angels you fuckwit,lol As bits of junk rotate they catch the light, see how
    much crap is up there from 50 odd years of space
    launches??…angels…mentally incompetent, call the men in long white

  3. These are critters with a metabolism that uses dust, photosynthesis and a
    planets magnetic field. Not a flippn angel or demon. Like the birds and
    bacteria in the sky, like the fish in the sea…

  4. through us! As for the video, I could make my own galactic fleet of aliens!
    All I’d need are some sort of stop-motion animation gimmick and a crappy
    camera! That might be real footage though. They just added a white blob.
    And if you are a Christian, then we just might be wrong if they found any
    other intelligent life other than us. Think about it, we’re «Gods sons.»
    It’s not «we’re some of God’s sons here in the universe.» Btw, hey there
    Zacdes! (Don’t be afraid of him) 😉

  5. The key word there was «if». IF we can achieve that, it might be possible.
    But that IF is never gonna happen my friend. Not for us. Its not possible
    given our condition. Think about it. It takes years for any funding. Takes
    many more years for research. Takes even more years for any type of
    execution of any type of project. Have to get passed the interests of
    opposing giant companies, politics, and so on. We would never get there

  6. You know, for a guy who claims so much intelligence, you’re really dumb
    bro. I mean, REALLY brainless. You don’t even realize wut your argument is.
    You’re so blinded by mindless arrogance, that its impaired your ability to
    think. You’re a walking talking contradiction cuz all you do is contradict
    yourself lol. You claim greatness, but youre totally stupid. Dude, really.
    You need to stop your preaching cuz you’re making yourself look worse and
    worse with each reply LOL. U stand no chance dude

  7. You comment with a purpose…WTF is that, to put up utter CRAP and rave on
    about angels in the bloody sky, you are an insult to
    intelligence..IDIOT..PLEASE…DONT BREED!!!!

  8. I believe in God & His Word the Bible.I agree; He created us & universe, so
    it’s not hard to believe He’s created other beings.Could u tell me what
    kind of footage are we looking at? Are they stars & ufos near a
    plane?Please give more info about where it is and what are we seeing. It’s
    amazing!How’d u get it?

    shit about if you have beliefs, it’s not to be mixed up with science!!! If
    people want to believe in religion , i suggest you let them ask the
    questions first don’t fucken force it on them!

  10. It might make sense that this is spiritual warfare. If you watch true story
    paranormal shows you see orbs and such that cameras pick up but the human
    eye cant see. This may be something related to this. Battle between good &
    evil 4th dimensional spirits perhaps?….

  11. Just because you can’t explain it, doesn’t mean ‘God did it’. Instead of
    telling me what you believe, tell me what you can prove. I seriously
    couldn’t give a shit what you believe and if you had a rational thought in
    your head you would realise that.

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