New Theories About The Toronto UFO Sighting — CBC News

Toronto police responded to calls last weekend after a video was posted that shows a series of lights in the night sky above Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue…
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New Theories About The Toronto UFO Sighting — CBC News: 14 комментариев

  1. at around 7:45pm august23, 2014 we were by sheppard and yonge . w egot out
    t go shopping…. and as we got on yonge i noticed what i described as a
    black kite. i even said oh look someone is flying a kite…. i am pretty
    pretty sure it was a black kite. then back on our way home it was darker
    and so it was around 9:30ish pm and thats when i sen this exact thing and
    we even record it….i looked like a space object at a stop in the air over
    sheppard and yonge and had many colourful lights shinning off of it.
    everyone was looking …. hmmmm many questions but i thing yes its a night
    kite…thats is if there is such thing as nite kites cause its first i have
    heard. thanks 

  2. It was back last night. There was also a military jet up there with it.
    I am located around Yonge/Finch. Looking above Yonge/Sheppard.

    NO WAY it was a drone. Waaaaaay to high…
    NO WAY it was a Kite. There was enough wind last night for it to have

    It was stable. All parts.

    It was very cool and had my wife and I locked at our window watching it for
    about 15 minutes.

    If it’s a HOAX. This is some good engineering. How they are able to
    maintain stability.. wow… 

  3. Id like to punch the «spoiler alert guy» in the the simpler
    explanation is that it was a magical kite? Wtf.. Why do these assholes
    always knowingly lie to the public- just say wtf it is.. Its not like there
    not seen every signal day on every signal part of this world.. They always
    play dumb & acts is if this is some new shit- when theres literally
    3million filmed video’s of intelligent controlled flying unknown objects
    out there. 

  4. Spoiler Alert! It is a much more complex phenomenon than you can imagine.
    I believe that these UFOs in arc formation, above Yonge Street and
    Sheppard Avenue, were mimicking the ‘night kites’ that were flying in the
    Mckee Park area. Thank you for sharing!

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