[New ufo documentary 2014 ]The Official Bob Lazar Video — Alien Technology Revealed

[New ufo documentary 2014 ]The Official Bob Lazar Video — Alien Technology Revealed Ovnis, UFOs Sightings UFOs New ufo documentary 2014 ufo documentary, nati…
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[New ufo documentary 2014 ]The Official Bob Lazar Video — Alien Technology Revealed: 25 комментариев

  1. Few points make nosense or are inconceivable.

    If Lazar was a employee and was exposing classified information, why is he
    still walking as a free man ?
    Even the fact that he was telling where the hangars are or that he was
    employed there would put him into jail.
    There is no need to tell his statments about UFO and so on were really to
    get him arrested.

    If he was at MIT or Caltec there should be people who can confirm that if
    he was a student there should be hundreds of people who saw him studying
    there or taking exams.
    And he should have the documents to prove it like his diplomas and so on.

    It just doesnt make really sense.

  2. Well F* me! The most obvious disprovable fact of Lazars debauchery and
    lies was just last year proven to be true. Lazar made the then obviously
    erroneous claim of an element with 115 protons. As a ‘physicist’ he would
    have known that this element did not exist. For me this was the
    incontrovertible proof that Lazar was a wing-nut. Today I read that the
    element was found (in 2003 by a group of Russian physicists) and confirmed
    by independent labs. While not very many of Bob’s claims can be
    substantiated, some can. And it may be in the little missed details that
    the Gov has failed to completely obliterate his life and discredit him
    without exposing themselves. If he was fined for exposing the secrets the
    very fact of fining him would lend credibility to his story. His death
    would just add to the conspiracy. Him alive is the better way to provide
    disinformation to the casual observer as Lazar is seen mostly as a wing-nut
    with no history. 

  3. he should be afraid —they have killed Philip Schneider…he was talking
    too much talking about the number and different types of aliens that we
    already have living underground…

  4. Bob Lazar didn’t say he worked at area 51 , he did say he worked at a
    remote location on the same base called S4. «sheep dipped» scientists
    aren’t usually the graduated head of the class type nerds , theyre the ones
    who would have a hard time finding employment because of where in their
    class they graduated. Also , his story didn’t change over the years and
    hes not looking to make money off it.

  5. i do believe about Bob’s story. The guy looks so sincere and gives so much
    details about his taks, people he met, and even took his friend to a zone
    to look for those spacecrafts.
    I do believe in live on other planets and that our gov’t are involved with

  6. It’s possible EG&G hired Bob as a disinfo agent.
    That’s why he was and is so confident, the government is on his side.
    He’s a decoy.
    Now people are glued to his UFO stories
    and not concerned about advanced aircraft.
    That’s why he’s still alive and doing well.

  7. This fuss about not being able to document his employment and education
    history is reminiscent of ‘birther’ thinking. The overall denial of this
    mans credibility is evidence of something and provokes some questions.

    I have no idea if he is telling the truth. However I think that those who
    disbelieve do so because of what they already accept as true. That makes
    them lacking in credibility in my eyes. It means they think they are right
    because of what they believe. Which of course is an unscientific method and
    places them in the same room with people who defend their religious beliefs
    against other religious beliefs. 

  8. It is easy enough for the gov’t to erase someone’s credentials
    electronically, however, BL can always produce photos and people from MIT
    and Cal Tech to substantiate his education. This would stop the FBI in it’s
    tracks. For all we know, his doubters/critics are probably gov’t agents
    experienced in counter intel or misinformation.

    To kill BL would be abject stupidity because it would validate him.
    Perhaps they need to pay him off instead. Everyone has his price, so it is
    said. It is also more efficient, cleaner, cheaper and pervasively thorough.

    IMO, he is telling the truth because he has more to lose than gain. Going
    against the US Gov’t is a risky life threatening endeavor. Only the brave
    or desperate travel down this path.

  9. If it was not for the Phoenix incident in the 90s and the sighting made by
    the Japanese pilot and the Travis Walton story, I would call everyone
    including me who is watching this; A Dumb Smuck. To date there is no
    evidence. Not a body or a ship or anything, so all I can do is listen, take
    it in. Life is everywhere in the universe at different stages like
    trash on a third world street so why Earth ? Maybe when the gov gets
    caught with this technology they use fake aliens to cover up their
    technology and in Lazar’s case to test for a Rats before they grant him
    clearance to work with some damn good technology. 

  10. i never would have done that if i was working there. no one would have done
    that. BALLS of STEEL . or more like scientific insanity. they had serious
    security. and then he goes on the news ? crazy ass weirdo

  11. giving a blow dryer to a monkey is like giving a computer to a human
    neither will ever question how they’re made
    there’s no better secret than advanced technology

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