New Video Surfaces Of Houston UFO — KPRC

Pictures posted online of a bright object over the skies of Houston Monday night have attracted attention from around the world. Now new video shows bright l…
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New Video Surfaces Of Houston UFO — KPRC: 25 комментариев

  1. It’s amazing how people are pessimist and create any excuse just to deny
    the Truth and Extraterrestrial Life(God).

    Someone else recorded the SAME exact UFO from a different Location 0:54 so
    it’s not «Reflecting Light». It’s a UFO.

    Great Video by the way….

  2. All you idiots saying its reflected lights please shut up.
    This was seen by 100’s of people in the city. Theres a bunch of diffrent
    pictures from diffrent locations in houston and 3 movies on youtube witch
    ive seen.
    So its defenetly not any reflections-.-
    Also not a fck hoax.
    This was an UFO.
    Looks alot like ball lightning to be honest.

  3. This is what I think: The lights you see on the video are lights from the
    passenger side rear view mirror being reflected on the driver’s window.
    Because the lights are far away and behind him, they appear distant and not
    moving rapidly. Look at the video over and over and think about it as you
    do. it is obvious.

  4. Here lies the problem, debunkers want proof. When proof is given it is
    always dismissed and discounted. Funny thing is if you took all actual
    evidence out there you would win, if it was a court case. But people choose
    to discount everything, even when they see it with their own eyes. What’s
    easier to believe, we are alone, or we are not? If one can grasp the
    vastness of space, they would only come to one conclusion. 

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