Нло в Петразаводске!!!P.S (Фейк)
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BREAKING NEWS! Three UFOs Have Crashed In China 5/17/14

Three unidentified flying objects have fallen in China. They plunged into the territory of Yian and Baiquan under the jurisdiction of Qiqihar City, Heilongji…

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  1. WTF… what you people so worrying about..?? It’s just the alien’s shit
    disposal, they have been in space for a long time so they need to eat, if
    they eat they shit too… Those aliens also apologized for the mess they
    made, may be they couldn’t hold it any longer so… Question is why they
    throw their shits on us why not take it back home…???


  2. Do not believe in the lies of Satan..he would do any thing to stop you from
    believing in the LORD our God..Don’t be Deceive by lies from Satan, Jesus
    said» Matthew 24:4 Take heed that no man deceive you» 

  3. If you believe this you are a fucking retard !!!

    Explanation: The video is talking about three UFOs crashen in china on
    May’s 17 2014. But the video was uploaded on May’s 16 2014. How do you
    explain this conspirasy theorists??? Time travel??? 

  4. 1:11 the fact that the ‘object’ is leaving a contrail, should tell you that
    it is an aircraft, pure and simple. Ufo technology that we have always
    witnessed, does not use our ancient propulsion methods, thus cannot leave a
    contrail. Plain and simple. This is garbage unfortunately. 

  5. In case you morons did not notice basics… heat shield is burnt and
    PARACHUTE hook is still there and gold reflector shield melted and peeled
    up very insulting to alien liars. Nothing alien about it but the lies… it
    is a Chinese probe clearly simple and evident, You can see how it opens up
    to expose the computer and sensors inside. You also see the parachute was
    ON till it stopped and probably was removed because of the long drag marks
    to prove it was dragged by the parachute when it landed… you need to lie
    less and face truth more in life or you wasted your life!

  6. What is going on in China? They simply try to built their own UFOs — which
    are not UFOs anymore but IFOs… i.e. Identified Flying Objects. These are
    EFMs : Electromagnetic Flying Machines. Man made. No alien input in these
    (unless one has evidence of the contrary). The technology of these exists
    for more than 100 years now while the first operational crafts were made in
    the WWII by Nazis who passed on the tech. to USA in exchange for escaping
    justice and earning some money (see operation Paper-clip).

  7. Now there was a Russian Proton-M, 3 stage rocket that went down with over 5
    tonnes of Express-AM4R satellite equipment on Friday May 16th, the same day
    these 3 objects landed in Heilongjiang province in China. The satellite was
    a telecommunication’s satellite that cost $275 million dollars. It lifted
    off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and failed 9 minuets after
    launch, when one of the motors malfunctioned, most of it burned up. So I
    think one can rule out aliens for this one. BTW the Mysterious Universe
    link about the silver orb is an interesting read, cheers. 

  8. HA, they missed the forth one, soft-landing in my backyard. Out came three
    spiders, telling me they were created after God’s picture and likeness,
    while Earthlings were created by Annunaki statanic demons. They were
    missionaries, heading for the Vatican, but got off course and had run out
    of fuel. I sad I could supply some, but went instead to fetch an insect
    sprayer and killed those goddamn alien blasphemists right on the spot!

  9. That’s a test aircraft…not a UFO. It’s giving off a contrail. UFO’s do
    not give off contrails. The thing on the ground in the photos? Could be
    part of a satellite…or part of an aircraft.

  10. so what your saying is that aliens managed to travel millions of miles
    through the vacuum of space safely at speeds inconceivable to us, yet
    crashed when they arrived at Earth? this is what your saying right?

  11. What a big drama…
    «What is going on in China?» lame question.
    I’ll tell you what’s going on. The same thing that USA has been doing for
    70+ years away from public eye. It is called SECRET MILITARY PROJECTS. To
    kill other people more efficient. To become the world’s policeman.

  12. alien MY ASS!
    show me another man made crap then a jet following the missle as if alien
    ship then tell me more lies! How dumb are you and how dumb do you think we
    all are?

  13. One day, there is actually going to be a real UFO and everyone is gonna be
    skeptical saying faake!! Then we all die to world domination.
    Metaphorically speaking: Don’t be the boy who calls wolf when there is no
    goddamn wolf!!! PLEASE!!

  14. This is pretty funny. Several countries have launched multiple objects in
    space so that they can find out more about space and several have fallen to
    the earth over the past decades. 

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