Новейшие съемки НЛО в августе 2013 крутая подборка

НЛО и летающие тарелки, заснятые в августе 2013 качественная подборка.

https://ProjectMotherShip.blogspot.com · · · · · Aliens UFOs Extraterrestrials Videos Documentaries Proof Evidence. Best UFO Disclosure. Aliens and …
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Новейшие съемки НЛО в августе 2013 крутая подборка: 25 комментариев

  1. LIsten people, the UFO’S that people claim to see are just property of the
    U.S. Government, what do you think is hiddin in area 51 ? new technology
    that the government dosent want us to know about duh. So they’re just
    testing those new flying objects and people are thinking its aliens. Come
    on now get real, some little creatures could exist on other planets but
    they don’t technology there just creatures..

  2. The guy at 0:40, declaring that Aliens only address people named Bubba is a
    complete idiot. Not one person in this Video, who claimed to see a UFO was
    named Bubba. I’d like to punch that guy in the throat …..just one time. 🙂

  3. HI EVERYONE !!! please study … «The Zeitgeist Movement» … & …
    «WantToKnow . info» … & … «Decide Whether We Should Show Up» … & …
    «(Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?»

  4. Spoonfed Tribe was there in Stephenville TX when they saw the Massive
    «Flying Saucer» mentioned @ 2:44 — It was F’n Massive — And it was
    explained the next day in the paper as a Satellite that was Falling and
    broke into pieces — This thing wasn’t Falling — it was Travelling

  5. im going to shoot at one cause they dont exsist, right ..if i bring the
    craft down il drag the aliens to the public and everything will be
    solved…get some photos and video footage it will be all good gravy.. hold
    on they might be nasty, il take barney my pitbull and a machete, oh and a
    gallon of petrol so i can set fire to the ship ..now there not leaving

  6. When I was a kid in about… 5th grade I saw a completely silent aircraft
    fly through the air at a low altitude MUCH faster than anything else I’ve
    ever seen. It was extremely bright and nobody else saw it. I believe in
    aliens. UFOs can be manmade. If you dont know what something is, and its
    flying, its a UFO. I hope someday in my lifetime we achieve warp speed and
    meet vulcans 🙂 LOL. star trek. but I do believe there is life out there
    with more intelligence than us

  7. WOW!!! Moon Bases… «PENETRATION — by Ingo Swann»… «I found bridges
    whose function I couldn’t figure out. One of them just arched out — and
    never landed anywhere. There were a lot of domes of various sizes, round
    things, things like small saucers with windows. These were stored next to
    crater sides, sometimes in caves, sometimes in what looked like airfield
    hangars. «Holes being dug into crater walls and floors obviously having to
    do with some kind of mining or earth-moving operations.»

  8. Here’s my problem with people that debunk n and people that fake. Either
    E.T.s are real, and you’re holding humanity back, or they’re not, and by
    perpetuating that myth, you are holding humanity back. Either way,i have to
    ask why? If that what you want to be? A thorn in the side of a species that
    longs to evolve. Either you’re dangerously stupid, or your downright
    malevolent. Either way, your species is better off without you.

  9. why is it people do not believe and why is it they will only believe if it
    lands on the white house lawn i tell you why it will not as they would fire
    on it fist and then they wonder why they will not land there as thats all
    americans can do shot first because they do not like some thing different

  10. i will be happy if the airforce know something and trying to hide from us
    doing something, but what if they dont even know what it was and not doing
    anything to protect us . how . is that what people wan

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