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Обзор ММОРПГ UFO Online Вторжение. / ufo-game.ru / Качество Full HD. Всем приятного просмотра. Не забывайте ставить лайки. The track list: 1. The Heavy — Sho…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

FREE 1-HOUR MOVIE. From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. It caused a great media sensation. Mass UFO sightings. Humans working together with extraterrestrials i…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Обзор UFO Online | Review by Moveshot & Werewolf | 1080p HD: 50 комментариев

  1. с донатом тоже делать нечего — хаи просто не дадут, нападают кучкой и
    выносят всех подряд. так что да, там одни задроты стреляют редких новичков.

  2. яйца не жмись поставь лайк видео зачет лайк поставил муви первое место твоё

  3. Игра полнейший кал, за 3 года в игре онлайн был до 400 игроков и то, это
    было 1,5 года назад, в данный момент в игру играют только дауны и задроты,
    так как там делать нехуй кроме как качать свой лвл на мобах, Админы наглые,
    полицейские в игре охуевшие, без доната врятли кто там сможет играть
    комфортно. Админы вместо того чтобы толковые и стоющие обновы делать,
    делают скидки на голд или удвоенный опыт на выходных, что остаток игроков
    кидал и задротствовал в игре на выходных.

  4. ты наверно хотел сказать от задротов , убивших 3 года своей жизни на
    расскачку хайлевелов?)

  5. =) Спорить не буду. Я бы потратил свое время на дальнейший кач, если бы он
    стоил того. К сожалению, это отнимает слишком много времени. В любой другой
    ММО можно раскачать несколько персонажей на макс и играть хай-лвл-пвп, тут
    же максимум — 13-14 уровень и убитые нервы.

  6. Жалко что с обновой 2.0 графику спаскудили, етот ефект туманна желёного
    насыщаного оттенка бесит 🙁

  7. игра неплохая если довести до ума, но у разработчиков руки с жопы растут.
    игра стоит на месте 4 года, пусть земля тебе будет пухом, ufo online

  8. the Greys are our future selves who went fully down the transhumanist path,
    going through time to rebuild what they almost wiped out. Their humanity.
    Their ability to reproduce naturally. They may have needed new dna to do

    WHERE…..AMAZING….BIG THANKS TO UFOTV® The Disclosure Movie Network

  10. All our neighboring races are concerned for our race and trying desperately
    to help us survive our leadership. Our leadership is preventing true
    information from being shared with you. Only untruth may be openly shared.
    I know this because I personally work with the leaders of the organization
    of Earth’s visiting races. These alien people are the awesome professionals
    of their races, working together to maintain the peace vital to all.
    Look at my site.
    Nancy Malacaria
    The Project At Earth

  11. It is an interesting story. Its my personal belief that there are many
    races which have been and are involved with earth. And I think they each
    have their own ways and views on things and of humans. It does not seem any
    of them want to eliminate man totally, or even take over the earth for
    themselves. If this was so I think it would have happened already. But it
    does seem races are interested if for scientific or spiritual reasons. If
    you bother to look into the UFO subject in detail you see a common theme
    arise. Within recent years, with the advent of technology and the
    population explosion and the pollution that goes along with that,, it seems
    a common theme that alien races are concerned about the «planet’s» welfare.
    There seems to be a concern for human survival as a species. But its my
    view survival of the current population is not an overriding concern to
    many species. But what seems to be the big concern is the survival and
    health of the planet itself. I see this in reports of them
    being concerned with nuclear missiles. I don’t think it is the overriding
    concern that humans would die in an exchange of these weapons,, but the
    concern is what these missiles do.. And what they do is give off radiation.
    radiation which lasts for a long time, basically making that place not
    suitable for life.. Man has been killing each other in the millions since,
    forever. But its only in recent times that our war machines have the
    capability of causing lasting negative effects on a large scale.
    The other thing which is commonly reported is their concern over
    pollution.. And in this post cold war era, its my stance that this will
    ultimately be the cause of the extinction of mankind. Or will be the reason
    an alien race decides to direct a 50 mile wide asteroid into an ocean. I
    think this would be the most humane way to deal with the human problem.
    Ya, it seems alien races think man is an important species, but I think
    the planet is the main concern. I think the reports of conflict among alien
    species is because different races have different views and ideas on how to
    deal with the planets problem, humans. I think some want to try and keep
    the current civilization intact and somehow think man will change and
    become more environmentally responsible and less warlike,, while others opt
    for the asteroid in the ocean scenario and repopulate the earth with
    genetically modified humans.

  12. I don’t believe any of this, but for the people that do believe this…what
    if the sages or men of wisdom were actually the extra-dimensional beings
    referred to on the art show where a man claiming to work for Area 51 says
    they arne’t who they say they are, and that they’re lying to us all in
    order to gain our confidence and that they are actually the evil ones.
    Then, there this crop circles that have alleged messages in ASCII which
    claim beware of the false prophets of friendsship and that the window is
    closing but a great time of pain wil be coming, but that they (the good
    guys) will come to battle the evil pretenders. Think about that, eh?

  13. I dont understand why a White supremacist such as yourself watch these kind
    of videos in the first place? I mean why dont you promote these ideas on a
    video about anglo saxon tribes or something?

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