October 2014 Breaking News UFO’s Aliens Nephilim DNA offspring superhuman

October 2014 Breaking News UFO’s Fallen Angels Demons Anti Christ New World Order ET Extraterrestrials Aliens NASA Part 3 of 3 2014 July Breaking News Labs M…
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October 2014 Breaking News UFO’s Aliens Nephilim DNA offspring superhuman: 25 комментариев

  1. I know god exists, there is nothing that can threaten God.

    This message that you have put out just vibrates of fear, there are stuff
    around the world that one would get schocked over if one were to recieve
    that knowledge, such as illuminati, but having that said, to be fearful is
    just another trap.

    I do not know much about Jesus, I had an experience once where I saw
    someone that looked like what I percieved as Jesus and he helped me get rid
    of some deamons hehe, he opened up his clothes and a rainbow mean came out
    of his chest and like light removes darkness, so did my shadows leave.

    ANYWAYS, so from that experience yup would say that there is a form of all
    that is, father, the one, almighty, alfa and omega, but then again, we are
    all seeds of the same love.

    Christ was unique in the sense that he reached that kind of understanding
    not that he was explicit,

    How can anyone of us be part of god or less deserving of the love, jesus
    just opened up his heart.

    So christ consiousness, is to just open up to your true nature as Jesus did.

    Why is there a need to say that Jesus was more worth or special more then
    that he was more awake, more connected or well let’s say 1 with celestial
    father/god/ all that is/whatever you want to call it.

    Let’s see,

    if all men thought that they were 1 with god and that all is holy and
    precious, how might that affect the world?

    Now, since Jesus and celestial father were as 1 (are), to pray to jesus is
    to pray to father, in a way (Please I do not use terms well, I just use
    what I have in my brain in order to explain as well as I can, sorry if I’m
    using any term the wrong way please let me know if that’s the case)

    The truth is the truth, we will all see what is what.

    ARE YOU READY? what if this, what I am saying, is true?

    Christ was an advanced being, but we can all reach such a state and we
    will, and beyond.

    We are all 1, we are all god and we are all christ.

    The more we awake, the more we undsrstand that and start acting like that.

    Much love


  2. I know how long it takes to put together videos like this. Just a word of
    encouragement for you….You will be rewarded in heaven for all of this
    hard work. Thanks for uploading your hard work. I really appreciate it.

  3. Your good at research correct? Go search and see the letter J didn’t exist
    in any alphabet until after the 16th century. I’m baffled by how Christ had
    the name spelled Jesus¿
    The Vatican is where the evil priests of Babylon landed after Babylon’s
    fall and this is provable through the timing sync now called the (12-sixty)
    Gregorian system that was originally crafted in Babylon! If that’s not
    enough look at the early Christian monks side by side with the Babylonian
    monks… Hard to tell who’s who with pictures sitting next to each other!
    The unfolded cross is the cube and the cube is the symbol of all religions
    Hebrews included. Muslims even march around the black cube. Which the cube
    is the king deity’s symbol and its Saturn mispronounced by the Arabs in the
    holly war as Satan! There are many many names for Saturn. The cube it is
    the north pole of Saturn!
    The halos, the rings of marriage, even the crowns of the royals are symbols
    of Saturn rings! Saturday the day the lord rested, even passover is all
    about Saturn plus many many more 😉
    The star of the Phoenicians which is under a constant name changer is
    exactly the same religion as all the others which all stem from the system
    builders in Babylon from the word of the Phoenicians! The high physics
    weren’t stolen by the Christians (Babylonians) they were working side by
    side together in a preparation for a world order with the Hebrews
    (Phoenicians) in Babylon…
    Do all your homework please and not just what fancies you before you mock
    people 😉 you never know one who is Christ may show ya something but being
    you don’t have the full truth you may not recognise them 🙂

  4. I wish I could punch this retards in the mouth, just stupidity. Who the
    fuck is gonna believe something like this, oh wait there’s 204 idiot’s who
    are looking for spirituality in any form. When it’s something That Makes No
    Sense, People EAT IT UP Like it’s already proven to b true. People say it’s
    an awakening for humans with all this information coming out more like
    dumb idiots not waking up to reality and following some idiot’s story
    about how silly he believes everything happened. Jesus Christmas always and

  5. Please people, time is running out. Watch my videos and know Satan is Obama
    the 1st Beast and Prince William is the 2nd Beast who will make all worship
    the 1st Beast of Revelation. United Nations is the 4th Beast in Daniel Ch7.
    After WW3 the UN will take control and Prince William will assume control.
    Babylon will fall and so Obama will have an accident causing him to look
    like Nimrod, if that is the name of the man who lost his left eye, which
    was his eye into the spirit realm. Jesus is coming, prepare the way. God
    bless you my brothers and sisters. 

  6. there is no satan or entity that they are worshiping, try to call on them
    if they will show up, if aperson really want to see athing or entity
    theywant to see, they must believe in it, everything that is good and evil
    is in our self, it’s our action that will tells our faith, nobody sees the
    god or jesus or l;ucifer or satan, they are the pigment of their

  7. The bible is ok, it backs up it’s self by it’s self. It was written by
    people who could not read or write. The bible is a symbol, and some hold to
    what they are told. I believe in these «others» as well as a couple of
    lines in the bible. I will be glad when most «wake up» to the real history;
    story of the true human creation, Anunnaki, Nephilim, Kryon, and other
    information. For those who are comfortable in what they believe is ok for
    them. I have chosen to read and read all information and wake up! Jesus
    had a different name in his birth land, but keep calling the human
    incarnation «Jesus» We are all from the prime creator mother/father «all
    that is» …what humans call God.

  8. Its about time all the parts are coming together to make very good video!
    Great Job, but also remember satan is wise and he can change his mind about
    the attack slightly to make it seem like what God’s people lie. Its his
    only tool that makes satan power full. Because it was told out loud and
    only the devil and his demons only know what has been said on the outside
    GOD understands the inside meaning when these videos come out right as they
    happen this will PROVE GOD is real and satan is nothing but a MOCK,
    MOCKING, and to BE MOCKED. God Bless everyone and I pray that everyone’s
    heart be canned to understand Christ Jesus! Pray that the devil has a
    change of heart and a ear to hear all the trust not bits and parts like
    said in Genius with ADAM and EVE! father of lies only picks part of the
    TRUTH not the WHOLE truth and puts a twist!

  9. Jesus Christ is LORD OF LORD, KING OF KINGS AND THE SAVIOR!! You are sent
    from SATAN HIMSELF! You will be perishing in HELL (where there is no Devil)
    or so you SAY!!
    You have about seven years left!! 

  10. At least the fucking demons (ufo’s and their multiple forms of occupants)
    acknowledge that Jesus Christ IS REAL and that He DIED ON A CROSS! Dumb
    idiots! Don’t they know that 90% of the lost world DOES NOT EVEN KNOW THIS
    IS TRUE! Let alone heaven and hell! Morons they are on the dark side,
    death, filth and doctrines of devils! A joke for us Christians who have
    been forewarned by the Glorious Gospel of God! All the best to humanity, we
    have been prepared for 4500 years…

  11. Have read many comments written by «born again, spirit filled» Christians
    using scripture to argue with each other. This is dissension, which is of
    satan not Yeshua. Be led by the Holy Spirit not by intellect, and stop
    disagreeing with one another.

  12. Also, hypothetically speaking, perhaps these «ascended masters» spend so
    much time trying to break down Christianity, because it has had a long
    history of opposing change and advancement, usually with fierce violence
    and death. Perhaps we have to break the shackles of ignorance that is
    religion in general before we can embrace their teachings and start getting
    super powers, curing cancer and what-not. But again, that’s apparently
    wrong because your 2000+ year old Goosebumps novel disagrees…..

  13. AV Mt 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name
    (Yehoshua) JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. The word
    «Jesus» was first used approximately 1200 to 1250 A.D.. I have been
    researching the Great Deception for quite some time. A delusion so strong
    that it would deceive the very elect if that were possible. I am familiar
    with quite a few of the researchers cited in this video. Sometimes my mind
    almost freezes when I realize the depth and breadth of this delusion. It
    permeates this entire world. Yes, the world will be begging for a
    «Messiah», so to speak. Any and all who resist will be hunted, not all will
    see death before my Lord returns. I would suggest that one seeks to know
    what it is you were sanctified and ordained to be before you were in the
    belly (Jer.) and then take comfort in the Spirit of the Lord…mogwog

  14. look at what is happening now Kenneth Copeland and many other Baptist and
    Protestant ministers of other religions now embracing the Catholic Church,
    Pope Frances is now excepting other religions saying we are all one family
    in Christ. 

  15. We can’t prove differences in the bible, so the bible is right. Even though
    it was written by man over thousands of years…. So why will the Catholic
    Church release the tens of thousands of documents and writings they stole
    from around the world over 100s of years?? What is there to hide?

  16. John 3:16
    “For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so
    that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have
    everlasting life.

    God gave his Son. Jesus called God his father. Humans say Jesus & God are 1
    & the same. Satan & his demons can possess & control humans. Satan is out
    to deceive the entire human race. Who are you going to believe? The

    Matthew 28:18
    Jesus approached and spoke to them, saying: “All authority has been given
    me in heaven and on the earth.»

    All authority was given to him. By who? Given to him by himself? Can you
    «give» yourself something? Giving involves two separate people or entities.
    If you try to «give» yourself something that means you already had it to
    begin with. The father Jehovah God gave him all authority. Jesus is NOT
    God! Jesus is the son, the first creation. C’mon people, this isn’t
    difficult, you need to get it straight.

    Luke 23:34 But Jesus was saying: “Father, forgive them, for they know not
    what they do.”

    No! Jesus wasn’t talking to himself! He was talking to his father, Jehovah,
    in Heaven.

  17. And again, all the evidence presented in this mockumentary is nothing more
    than bible quotes. And seeing as how you cannot sufficiently prove the
    Bible to be anything other than a work of fiction, your argument is

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