October 2014 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels NWO

October 2014 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels New World Order Part 2 of 5 last days end times news prophecy update July 2…
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4 of 10 - UFO's: The Great Last Days Deception - (The History of UFO's Part 4) - Billy Crone

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October 2014 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels NWO: 14 комментариев

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  2. Your not reading your Bible or your intentionally deceiving your video
    watchers. Gen. 4:17 And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare
    Enoch: and he builded a city (1st mason) and called the name of the city,
    after the name of his son, Enoch.
    The book your quoting is inspired by Enoch’s grandfather satan.
    NOT the Enoch that walked with God and then was taken to heaven by God.
    Be Careful what your being brainwashed with. 

  3. 1# its say»…her seed…» so gods son was satan the son is not going to e
    like the father of, 2# if a flood to stop the son of, the flood did work to
    3# no 1 has reached a 120 years old
    wasn’t the son of god what u called jesus also a fallen angel

  4. The book of Enoch will shine a light on the origin of non-humans and human
    hybrids in our universe. I highly recommend this book to any believer who
    seeks the truth. Pray that the holy spirit (aka the spirit of truth) will
    help you to discern. God bless you all and remember, we are victorious over
    our enemy through the blood of our savior.

  5. Sure it’s deception, Think, first it was introduce Evolution to attack
    Genesis the creation of all things in 6 days, Second it was the Big Bang to
    convince sound minded people the Universe is Billions of years old when not
    even real science agrees, Third it was UFO’s to get modern minds confused
    about God’s creation. All these attack the foundation of true believers and
    intended to deceive or force you to compromise on God’s word. Trust me
    Evolution is a Joke, there is plenty of scientific proof, The Universe is
    not billion’s of years old and not even a good story, Again plenty of Facts
    support young creation, Lastly UFO’s are here to deceive you and is the
    last hope for the losing side. Believe and have Faith and Don’t compromise
    God’s word it is the Truth that will set you Free. 

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