Oppose Bacteriological Warfare: Biological Warfare During the Korean War (1952)

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Oppose Bacteriological Warfare: Biological Warfare During the Korean War (1952): 25 комментариев

  1. @freechristiania US biological weapons research continues because hostile
    nations (Russia and China) continue their own research. From our
    perspective, unilateral cessation would comparatively disadvantagious and
    imperil the public. Iraq’s former biological/chemical weapons program was
    the product of indegnious development, but they diverted dual-use materials
    (i.e. fermentors, autoclaves, industrial chemical apparatuses) from western
    biotech companies, when we knew about it and did nothing.

  2. Of course the US conducted bacteria warfare during the Korean war. This was
    the next best option for them when they could not drop the nukes after
    suffering the longest retreat in their military history. Since when has the
    US military been a good loser ?

  3. WellCare you pencil pushers forgotten what’s really at stake? The lives of
    your countrymen, in war, is all that’s important… Perhaps you fellas with
    the quills should spend more time talking of peace than defending your
    readyness for war.. If it were me calling the shots, and I saw fit to send

  4. I have created a documentary that is partially about biological WMDs. Watch
    it through my channel or through this link: /watch?v=CFwdXfLGqMs The
    documentary is about technology and humans. Please leave feedback.

  5. @blood4snakebiteb253 Because agent orange was designed to be a non-lethal
    defoiliant. White phosporus is used in aerial flares and as a incendiary
    compound in muntions. Organophosphates (Sarin, Tabun, Soman, VX) and
    blister agents (mustard gas) by comparison are inherently lethal agents,
    and therefore fall squarely in the purview of the Chemical Weapons
    Convention which prohibits the use of chemical agents. The US has almost
    eliminated its entire stockpile of chemical weapons.

  6. Although an author named Endicott claimed that the biological warfare
    charge was true, the same year his book came out, Soviet documents were
    unearthed which said it was all a fabrication.

  7. It might be a comunist propaganda but most of it its true. Please reply
    with prof and tell me that it’s not true, I am about to drawn into a deep

  8. @freechristiania yes i know that they have nothing to do with a form of
    disease but you get the picture. about still developing it’s true, just
    like nukes in the cold war if the enemy does it why wouldn’t you do it they

  9. This is correct. there is a lot of disinformation on this issue that is
    still being put out by the mainstream media and supporters of secret
    projects and the military industrial military complex.

  10. The US has been testing bio weapons on their own public for decades, So has
    the UK, GOogle ‘Norwich testing’ . Also just in 2005 in D.C., tuleremia was
    released on antiwar protestors. Harvey Wasserman & others wrote about it.

  11. I put in «Horizons West 1952» WTF do I want with this goddamn
    Bacteriological Warfare shit or any of the rest of the unrelated crap You
    Tube puts up there. As a matter of fact EVERY THING else BUT the F-ing

  12. @freechristiania According to the same clause of the forbiddening of
    biological weapons, they also classify the forbidding of poison weapons,
    and weapons that cause unneccessary pain to an enemy. Americans and
    Zionists are clearly war criminals. Their agendas are not for good, they
    are the private armies of the richest entities in the world. They will
    destroy the world with the American and Isreali armies.

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