Out Of The Blue — UFO Documentary

This award-winning documentary reveals, through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, that some Unidentified Flying Objec…

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Out Of The Blue — UFO Documentary: 25 комментариев

  1. If you do not acknowledge the existence of UFO’s and alien life then I am
    afraid you are clinically insane and a danger to yourself and all those
    around you.

  2. A very nicely done and informative UFO documentary. I was surprised by the
    rarely seen videos shown. Yes, SOME UFOs ARE, most likely,
    extraterrestrial in origin. But, they don’t seem too eager to land and
    make their existence «officially» known (wonder what finally happened to
    that film of the landed craft made at Edwards Air Force Base in the ’50’s
    that Col Gordon Cooper mentions in the documentary?). I think that they
    are hoping we will finally figure out how their craft work, duplicate them,
    and then meet them out in space. That meeting will probably take place at
    one of their bases on Mars or one of the moons of the outer «gas giant»
    planets in our solar system. Maybe it will happen before the end of this
    century. I agree that the UFO phenomenon and its implications ARE the
    biggest news story in the history of the human race.

  3. I believe in other life in the galaxy or universe, I just do not understand
    why they don’t just make themselves known in a formal manner…if they do
    in fact visit our planet.?.

  4. these «aliens» are demonic entities from satan’s realm just waiting to dupe
    mankind when the time is right. As we are in the final generation to the
    return of Jesus these things are becoming more prevalent around the globe.
    As scripture (the bible) tells us, satan is the prince of the power of the
    These things will one day appear and fool us into thinking they are our
    guardians or that we are descended from them, which will be a lie and lead
    millions to hell. Turn to Jesus and get saved folks. Hell is very real
    for all
    humans (sinners) without the Holy Spirit inside them supernaturally from
    Jesus and not obeying Jesus commands.
    You have to be born again of the Spirit and obeying Jesus commands to enter
    heaven and avoid hell.
    Here is Jesus warning:
    Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can see the Kingdom of God
    unless they are born again’ [John 3 verse 3…christian bible.].

  5. why are pictures of ufo so bad. why video of ufo so bad. certainly I think
    there are alien but they are invisible to the human eye. I think they have
    been here for millions of years, they have helped us with many different
    things. think about how much has changed. I think it will thousands of
    years before we will go to other planets outside our universe. we should
    contact them as they help us so there will be a third world war. V tv
    series was rikigt good, do not you think, and another question why do you
    think the UFO only in usa, earth is great, if I came to earth I would go to
    Africa, where there are all things for the curious exception of grounding,

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  7. I have never seen something.maybe i have and just thought it was a plane or
    something. Just they all say they go at speeds that just no aircraft can
    do. Also the speed would create a sonic boom. Suppose we all will never
    know until whatever they are appear and show themselves.lol.

  8. ive seen one ( i think ) in belgium … red ball, with a white light ,
    hovering in the distance ,then shoots forward , and after that hovers still
    again , it made sush an amazing speed without sound or anything … im
    pretty sceptic on this stuff, but i know for sure there was no living thing
    in that thing… went WAY to fast , acceleration and decelleration like
    that would kill instantly … maybe some sort of project i dont know

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