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Producer James Fox and his team travel the globe, interviewing eyewitnesses and high-ranking military & government personnel about their UFO knowledge and ex…
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Out of the Blue — UFO Phenomenon — #1 TOP RATED UFO SHOW — FREE MOVIE: 25 комментариев

  1. I hate when they want to say its not possible for interstellar travel based
    on our technology. Just like their were people saying the worlds flat,
    humans will never fly, space is unreachable. Technology is always advancing
    past what narrow minded people «think».

  2. This kind of technology, our military can not deal with…so they makes up
    wild stories to cover themselves…they can’t protect you….and they will
    not admit it…$600 billion dollar military budget….and they can’t defend

  3. There are massive intricate «research» projects out there that are
    continually funded & publicized to make it appear that they are really
    striving to do technological feats that they already know how to do other
    ways. They make certain they fund technology that cannot work, while they
    purposefully ignore more promising if not certain routes of achieving the
    desired result.

  4. Buddy at 1hr 08 55 your WRONG i work in video production and my software
    will not only create that shake but it can match it and composite in items
    to appear as though there shaking right with it. You are wrong. the video
    and shake is BS

  5. Keep in mind XADAM all of these comments about the speed of light, mass
    increasing, age stopping etc are all THEORIES. Theory mean UNPROVEN. So
    essentially a scientist can say anything and present it as FACT as long as
    THEORY is added to it, which essentially NULLIFIES the statement as
    baseless, unfounded without proof.

  6. Or maybe they’ve evolved their «spiritual» side. Mastering the ways of
    quantum entanglement, and they have no body at all. In the end all of these
    things are very possible, and probably are. Life in the galaxy, if anything
    like life on Earth is completely unpredictable and completely unbelievable.

  7. I don’t believe Fife Symington .he late comes out and says he say the craft
    too and just wanted to calm everyone down… I think he is
    lying….infinitely massive near the speed of light… so that means that a
    photon has an infinite mass ? this idea of the «fabric of space» is asinine

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