Overlords of the UFO—Full Length documentary from 1976—BANNED and SUPRESSED.

Overlords of the UFO is a scientific suppressed and banned documentary from 1976. Much of this documentary features long lost photos of UFO’s and other evide…
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Overlords of the UFO—Full Length documentary from 1976—BANNED and SUPRESSED.: 25 комментариев

  1. *You are your own king. Authority is an illusion. You can do what you want,
    but will it help you in the long run?*

    *If you want to even know **what the long run is,** go to TruthContest◙Com
    and read what ‘the present’ says there.*

  2. The ufo thing is not what we are all being brainwashed to see. We are
    farmed maintained by them, hence we are all treated like subject slaves ,
    and the world is messed up .

  3. This «film» reminds me of all those crap «Sun Classic» films that came out
    in the mid to late 70s that promoted all this junk. It’s a waste of time.
    Watching paint dry is a better way to spend your time. And I doubt it was
    EVER banned or suppressed.

  4. *»I have personally seen countless UFO’s, one of them up close, spoken to
    aliens through channels in person and have made contact with a few
    different races of aliens, one of those physical contacts I was completely
    physically aware of.»*


  5. Guys, There is life that can live in space. I call them macro-scopic
    bacteria. A Russian Cosmonaut filmed one just outside of Russia’s MIR space
    Some of these macro-scopic bacteria are called RODS by some people and,
    they have been caught on film.

  6. These so called » aliens »
    are Fallen Angels, demons from the pits of hell. Don’t fall for these lies!
    There no other planets with aliens ! They are sent to fool us to believe
    that we aren’t the only ones… Lies! all Lies!!

    Accept Jesus before its too late. 

  7. They must of been busy in the 70s. That’s when I had a dream that they were
    hovering over my house and I looked outside and they were all standing
    around my central air conditioning box. I was speaking to them through
    telepathy I told him what that was; they wanted to know. I asked the five
    little guys with brownish lizard type skin how that brushed aluminum type
    saucer was just hovering right over my roof and they said to look at it
    closely. I could see a ring spinning around it. They said they were looking
    for meat. I know our neighborhood used to be a farm. I was not afraid but
    then the next thing I knew I was crouched on the floor extremely afraid and
    looking through louvered light. That was the end of my dream.

  8. If aliens are real and not an «experiment». And so advanced. Then why do
    they have landing lights. And physical bodies.? Point is. Like any curious
    mind’s. We humans are the experiment. And/or alien’s are inter galactic
    Police on a call from other planets do to all the ROCK AND ROLL and wars.
    Earth is under intergalactic investigation. Maybe.

  9. Looks like early prototypes of surveillance drones, remote controlled at
    1:19:22 The 3 spheres at the bottom look like walmart security camera
    housing covers. All UFO’s are military projects, that’s why the recovering
    of the parts are so extreme, with military men with guns drawn. LMAO
    INVISIBLE FLYING PREDATORS to explain cattle mutilations…man…LOL

  10. I like it, good info for the times, but as others say, 40 years and this is
    as far as we got? Trust me , WE are not alone. And some of the visitors
    REALLY HATE us! It is a kind of war against humans. So be safe my Earth
    Brothers and Sisters! And get involved somehow? At least think about it?

  11. This is total bullshit. There could be intelligent life somewhere, millions
    of light years away from us, but because of the impossibly far distances,
    neither us nor them would ever be able to reach one another, It’s
    preposterous. Only money-hungry hucksters want you to believe this, so
    you’ll buy their books, listen to their late-night radio show, etc. Crazy,
    crazy, crazy.

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